A woman wearing a pink top gently hold a peonie flower in her hands.

Start A Revolution

There are moments in life when we battle with ourselves and put aside caring for our own emotional health. Every so often we may feel unworthy of the rest and refocus we need to flourish and grow. Here’s a little reminder for anyone who may need it that self-care is a revolution …

It’s all too easy to be made to believe that taking care of ourselves is somehow selfish and not required to enjoy a more contented life. Taking time for acts of self-care and self-love represents a way to encourage and celebrate the good while providing a way for us to sustain ourselves through the bad. 

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called 'Revolution': "If self-care and self-love are an act of rebellion, start a revolution."

Recognizing what our bodies and/or minds are in need of is a life skill we should champion within ourselves and others. There’s nobody else in a more appropriate position to figure out what will support us as we recharge or recover than ourselves. It’s okay to care about what restores us — it’s okay to be a revolutionary.

Further Info:

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