Approval Not Required

I don’t fit into everyone’s view of what is beautiful … and that’s okay. In fact, it’s better than okay. It’s vital. It is exactly how life is meant to be.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Approval Not Required’: “I define my beauty -- not you."

To define our own beauty is to say that our bodies, and how we look, is not for the gaze or consumption of others.

This does not mean we don’t seek changes or improvements and are happy all the time, it means we get to decide what we like about ourselves, and what we celebrate.

It means that if someone does not perceive us as having any value, as set out by their standards, we must remind them that their approval is not required.

Further Info:

This is part of my poetry collection, if you share my work on social media, please do not edit it, remove my name or forget to give credit (tag my Instagram and/or link back to this post or my Poetry Page). If you wish to use my poetry in any other way, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

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