Return Love So It Openly Sings …

“There are many languages of love, I want you to learn mine” … these are the dream inspired words that I woke up to recently that would not leave the tip of my tired mind until I wrote them down.

I don’t remember specifics about the dream but I often come out of the haze of sleep with some resolution or organisation to a thought I’m quietly trying to give voice to. Reflections on how we give and receive love, and how we show love to ourselves and others (including nature) has been floating around for a while.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Languages Of Nature And Love’: “Pay attention to how it is spoken, realise it's an exchange of gifts. Listen beyond the language, observe how it grows and shifts. There are many expressions of love, each used by all living things, take them in with care and be thankful, return love so it openly sings."

Return love so it openly sings …

Further Info:

This is part of my poetry collection, if you share my work on social media, please do not edit it, remove my name or forget to give credit (tag my Instagram and/or link back to this post or my Poetry Page). If you wish to use my poetry in any other way, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

If you enjoy reading Transatlantic Notes and would like to show your support for the work being done, please consider making a small donation. Thank you.

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