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Finding Your Compass …

2018 has been a tough year for me personally, and I’m pretty glad it’s coming to an end. With more optimism than pessimism – but with a healthy dose of both – I’m hopeful that the next 12 months will be better for everyone. To help us all on our journey through 2019, here are some little gems of wisdom …


Everyone should follow their dreams, but if those dreams don’t have actionable steps they won’t become achievable goals. If you’re serious about real change and real progress, hold yourself accountable. Write down or have very clear in your mind the practical elements you need to work through in order to meet your target.

We could all use a bit of support to keep us going so be sure to follow Transatlantic Notes on Instagram and let me know what you’re going to do to realise your ambition!

I recently wrote about how self-care is something we all need to do. While you’re writing your list of actionable steps to achieve the dreams you have for 2019, don’t forget to learn how to rejuvenate and rest when things get a bit tough. Better yet, make self-care one of your New Year’s goals and start that revolution.

This year I really struggled with my creativity and writing. The usual fulfilment I got from my work disappeared when some serious stress and anxiety crept into my life. I was unable to plan or organise my thoughts and would re-write sentences over and over. Nothing seemed to work and so the page remained blank. The usual joy I got from my words completely left – and while this may not sound so devastating to some, my words are my compass. I felt lost.

Last week I found a Ted Talk given by Shonda Rhimes back in 2016. Everything she said resonated with meaningful insight into how immersive joy and love can bring back a sense of purpose and drive when we’re left feeling adrift by its absence. Take some time to listen to it. Listen to it twice. Listen to it three times because Shonda shares some simple but important choices we can make with how we choose to spend our day.

Speaking life and power into wisdom far better than I’ll ever be able to, Maya Angelou always says it best. Read her work. Read every day, a variety of things by a variety of people on a variety of topics. You will find pieces that echo your own ambitons or hardships, your own desires and mountains to climb. If you arm yourself with knowledge it’s easier to trust in yourself and strive beyond the ‘normal’.

Whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish in 2019, I’m rooting for you. Celebrate your damn self once in a while. Happy New Year!

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