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5 Comments You’re Likely To Encounter Online

There’s no doubt that social media can provide significant personal outreach and community-based connectivity, but like the microcosm of humanity that it’s become, it reflects the good, the bad, and the ugly side of us all.

If you spend any amount of time using the internet, you’ve probably encountered some (or all) of these online interactions before …

The Unsolicited Dick Pic

If it’s an agreed-upon exchange between two adults, sending nudes or photos of your genitals can be a fun sexting experience – but consent is everything. Man-junk arriving in your DM (private message) without warning (or permission) can be disturbingly creepy – which I think may be part of the reason that some men send them.

It’s probable that at least some of these men receive a sexual thrill at the idea of an unknown woman seeing their genitalia. It may be an aspect of exhibitionism … The fact that a woman rejects them for it is not salient, because for many such men, it is the woman’s disgust and rejection which is actually part of the turn-on. | via Psychology Today

I don’t know why it’s such a difficult concept to understand, but ask first before you send a badly lit photo of your disappointment to someone – and if they say no, respect their decision and boundaries. Also, be more discerning about who you send your penis to, just because they liked a photo of your dinner on Instagram one time doesn’t mean they’re overcome with desire for you. Damn, bro.

unsolicited dick pics

The Stonewaller

If the person you’re having a discussion with quickly resorts to calling you names and insulting you or tries to control how you respond, it’s pretty obvious that they haven’t got any credible or factual arguments to make. This kind of response is either a deflection to cover their lack of knowledge on the subject being examined, or it’s a deliberate distraction to hinder valid information from being shared. It’s bait commonly used by trolls as well, so stay focused.

The Robo-Comment

We’ve probably all had these copy/paste or bot delivered comments that are social media’s version of spam emails. Most are advertisements for a product or some kind of self-promotion and some are just an obvious scam. This is when the report and block function is really useful!

The Cheerleader

This is where social media is at it’s best – you can go around appreciating people and what they’ve shared. It’s a wonderful celebration of each other that produces a positivity ripple effect. Encouraging and supporting people with genuine care and interest is pure scrolling sunshine.

spread a little cheer today

The Valuable Critic

The most useful online interaction is when someone takes the time to openly engage with something you’ve written or shared. They give feedback to either counter or educate further on a point you’ve made and there’s an opportunity to gain a new perspective. It can be a little uncomfortable to have your position objectively explored, but the value you can get from it outweighs any initial negative feelings.

Have you experienced online comments like these? I’d love to hear your thoughts about navigating social media, so leave a comment!

8 thoughts on “5 Comments You’re Likely To Encounter Online”

  1. I’ve got them all, obviously, but I must say those bot comments annoy me the most :)) the dick pic is sad, just sad. So I feel pity for the guy. However, when I see, for months, the same bot comments everywhere, my blood pressure tends to go high :))
    Luckily we do have the cheerleaders and the valuable critics and I love mine so so much ❤
    Lovely post!


  2. I have had robo-caller; how I hate those bots! But luckily, my spam filter catches all but the most elusive. I have gotten the cheerleader; gotta love the cheer! But most of all, I love the critic. That is what really helps me and all of us grow. 🙂


  3. My favourite type of comments have to be the Cheerleader and Valuable critic. It’s really nice to have someone cheer you on and support you work(especially on days when you feel rubbish). I also like people like really exploring and providing feedback on my work because I’m always trying to grow and be better.

    Lovely post x


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