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Earth As Sustainer | Climate Change Consequences

If you think the natural world isn’t in crisis, you haven’t been paying attention.

A recent report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shared some stark news about global warming, climate change and the increasingly severe weather patterns it produces – the results of which will have devastating effects on human, animal and plant life¹. If we don’t take this seriously, we may not be able to come back from its loss.

The world’s people have spoken. Time is running out. They want you, the decision-makers, to act now. Leaders of the world, you must lead. The continuation of civilizations and the natural world, upon which we depend, is in your hands.” Sir David Attenborough, UN Climate Change Summit, Dec 3rd 2018

Ecosystem and habitat endangerment aren’t happening to ‘other’ things. It isn’t something we (humans) are separate from. Sustainability of human life means the safety and continuation of ALL life. Our desire to consume natural resources has a global reach. We’ve triggered a threat to interdependence that has real world, real-time consequences.

Global warming is happening because the solar radiation that normally escapes into space is being trapped and absorbed by the carbon dioxide (CO2), air pollutants and greenhouse gases that are collecting in the atmosphere due to human activity. This results in trapped heat that causes the planet to get hotter (the greenhouse effect). The U.S. is the second largest producer of CO2 (behind China²) and its main source of this heat-trapping pollution comes from burning fossil fuels. As a country, we have a huge part to play in correcting this environmental catastrophe -and what does the President of the United States do? He tweets this …

trump tweet about global warming 1:28:19

Climate change deniers, even in the face of scientific fact, are going to condemn us and our future generations to collapse. These facts aren’t something to opine about, they’re something to be educated on. They’re meant to elicit actionable change. The fact that the POTUS is actively standing in the way of this AND equating record cold weather as proof that global warming doesn’t exist is a vile display of intellectual dishonesty and propaganda. 

response to trump tweet denying global warming 1:29:19

Individual responsibility should be taken seriously (see below for some useful links on how you can help the environment) but not using plastic straws, reducing your carbon footprint and recycling more, etc has to be done while actively pushing government level change. And boy, do we have a mountain to overcome when the leader of the USA clearly doesn’t give a crap.

Create or attend local environmental groups, contact your members of Congress, vote in representatives who will fight for Earth as sustainer, contact your mayor to introduce environmentally responsible initiatives (and support those initiatives). If we become apathetic and think it will all sort itself out or someone else will do it, we’re part of the problem.

We can do better. 

Extra Info/Reading:

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Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet – NASA

How You Can Stop Global Warming – Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)

  1. How Climate Change Plunders The Planet – Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
  2. The 5 Countries That Produce the Most Carbon Dioxide – Investopedia

Organizations to Follow/Support: Earthjustice | Friends of the Earth | NextGen Climate

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