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Pine Ridge Reservation Devastated After Bomb Cyclone

The people of the Oglala Lakota Nation on Pine Ridge Reservation have experienced an extreme winter storm phenomenon called a ‘bomb cyclone’ which caused intense flooding that has devastated infrastructure, and has displaced, or made homeless, over a 1000 families.

Many people have been stranded with limited food, water and shelter, housing has been destroyed, medical evacuations are slow because of the conditions, and many more issues are being experienced, all while under the threat of another severe storm coming soon.

Supplies the people have are running out and this is a humanitarian crisis that needs FEMA to declare a state of emergency so that disaster relief can be provided. This is urgent, here’s how you can help …

Add your name to the petition that directly calls on the POTUS to send federal disaster relief.

Send a direct financial donation to OST Relief that will provide much needed support to those affected by the storm.

Send items like blankets, bottled water, non-perishable food, etc – information on who to contact or where to send/drop off goods is included below.

via @lilnativeboy

Sharing what’s going on and spreading information on how to help is vital. To find good accounts to follow across all social media platforms, especially those of people on the ground giving firsthand accounts of what is happening and what is needed, follow #PineRidge or the accounts associated with the links I’ve provided in this call to action.


Volunteer inquiries

Relief items can be sent to: West HWY 18, OST President’s Office, Pine Ridge, SD 57770


Indian Country Today

Flooding Devastates Life On The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (NPR)

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