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Be Kind, Unwind

Getting time to regroup or make sure your energy doesn’t run dry and leave you both emotionally and physically exhausted is important for your overall wellbeing. Here are some reminders about being kind to yourself, just in case nobody has told you recently …

Whatever your reasons are for needing some self-care, they’re valid. Needing to take a step back, heal, give yourself a moment to rest, etc does not need to be justified to anyone – the fact that you need it is enough.

Don’t measure your ability to cope against others. There’s no one-size-fits-all threshold where something suddenly becomes too heavy to carry because our individual lives are a complex mix of ever-changing factors that have the ability to sustain us or drain us. Just because someone looks like they have it all together does not mean they do.

Taking time for yourself to make sure your mental, physical or emotional health is being nurtured is not indulgent – it is necessary.

self-care quote the sprouting sunflower
via the sprouting sunflower

We’re bombarded by stressors throughout the day – some are unavoidable and some can be managed. Finding one daily stressor that you can control and make positive changes to will improve your ability to cope with everything else that is less governable. For me it’s making sure I don’t get on social media as soon as I get up, but it could be anything that generates stress or worry. Small changes can make a huge difference – find something that you can easily adjust that will have a positive impact on your day. 

Looking for ways to ease a particular stress or anxiety trigger for yourself has nothing to do with being weak, it’s recognizing how you function better. Being self-aware and in tune with your own needs is an important life skill – and having more of those is never a bad thing.

Thanks for reading!

What self-care tips do you have?

10 thoughts on “Be Kind, Unwind”

  1. I like this mantra for life, it is tempting to live life in the fast lane and never get off! I’m lucky I’m in the land of ‘Missy you want massage?!’ And yes it is often what I need a relaxing massage.


  2. This is such an important topic. I needed to read this today! I often compare myself with others, especially when it comes to managing stress and if I should be as stressed, etc. Thank you for sharing and giving such a kind reminder. 🙂


  3. One should never feel guilty for looking after their own well being. It can take a long time to learn that your own health is just as important as others. Thanks for the post.


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