TN Poetry: Reimagining

How many of us have put our joy on hold until we reach a certain goal that allows us to exhale? How many of us have said that when x, y or z happens, that’s the moment we can taste fulfilment?

How many of us have stopped allowing ourselves to revel in enjoyment as we work towards something because we think success is only found at its completion?

I would guess there are plenty of us that do this.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Reimagining’: “Reimagining is limitless and time unbound.”

All this does is rob us of recognising celebrations along the way – even when things twist, turn, ebb and flow. Reimagining is limitless and time unbound, so allow yourself to foster self-worth as you journey towards your new plan. We’re all a work in progress, we may as well value our happiness as we evolve.

What are your thoughts?

Further Info:

This is part of my poetry collection, if you share my work on social media, please do not edit it, remove my name or forget to give credit (tag my Instagram and/or link back to this post or my Poetry Page). If you wish to use my poetry in any other way, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “TN Poetry: Reimagining”

  1. This is so motivational and I am loving the vibe of your blog and site! I am going to try be more aware and work harder and celebrating the little successes along the way – thank you! 🙂


  2. This is such a thoughtful post… It’s true, we have the ability to ruin many lovely moments because we’re not focusing on the present xo


  3. Dance like no one is watching and literally smell the roses! After a 10 month battle with breast cancer, I can say that nothing is guaranteed. Great reminder!

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