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How To Master Your Monthly Goals

How do you put purpose into your life? There’s no right answer – we all have different challenges, desires and intentions – but having monthly goals is one way we can work towards it each day. 

To ensure success with any kind of monthly goals they must be relevant, realistic, and specific

Whatever you decide to focus on, it has to be personal. If it’s not relevant to what you need, or want to achieve, then it’ll become a point of insouciance, and actively work against you. If it’s working against you, especially from the start, it isn’t a realistic goal. Why set yourself up for failure?

Having a way to gauge progress and measure success that’s written into the actual goal itself will act as insurance against failure, so be specific. Creating something in this way may take a bit of practice at first, but it’s worth doing. Having a clear path to accomplishment, including next steps, is a way to maintain your energy and drive.

words & art by Morgan Harper Nichols

To give you an idea of how this all works, here are my goals for June:

Improve my writing output by creating a monthly schedule that includes weekly research time for new topic ideas.

Read a minimum of one book a month by setting aside time each day to read at least two chapters.

Maintain positive mental health by taking time once a week for a self-care activity of my choosing.

Each one of these goals is relevant and realistic to me personally and includes a simple roadmap to success. By mentioning how I’m going to meet my monthly targets, I’ve removed some of the guesswork around what I need to do, which – if you’ve ever wanted to achieve a particular objective – is half the battle won.

What are your goals for June? Do you have any tips on how you write your monthly goals?


11 thoughts on “How To Master Your Monthly Goals”

  1. Those are some great monthly goals. I try to plan out my content a month in advance and I also try to read as much as I can.


  2. I have made it a goal to stop getting in my own way and to post on my blog every other day for the whole of June. I know I have the capability and time, it’s just a matter of discipline. I’ve pretty much stuck to it so far!


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