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4 Energy Boosters To Lift Your Day

We’ve all had bouts of low energy on days we need to focus or get things done, leaving us feeling dulled and sluggish. Here are some quick pick-me-up ideas to boost your energy when you’ve not had enough rest, and you need to get through the day …

Important note: if you’re experiencing prolonged or extreme fatigue, you should consider visiting your doctor. If you haven’t got access to reliable, affordable healthcare or insurance, look for a federally funded community clinic (find one near you — if you’re in the USA — here).

I’ve had mornings where I wake up and instantly know I’m going to be battling with a lack of energy — and shortage of mental acuity — to accomplish and meet all my tasks and deadlines for the day. To give myself the most realistic chance at beating the sluggish haze that could set in, I do these 4 things to boost my energy …


Drink Water As Soon As You Wake Up

The best way to improve and maintain good energy levels throughout the day is to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. If you’re struggling to wake up and know your energy is going to be hard to jump start; instead of reaching for a coffee or other caffeinated drink, enjoy a 16oz glass of water as soon as you get out of bed. Not only does it wake you up, it flushes out toxins and rehydrates you — among many other health benefits.

Take A Contrast Shower

A contrast shower is when you alternate between hot and cold temperatures; the sudden burst of cold water after you’ve enjoyed a hot shower, will invigorate you and provide a big energy upgrade — it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system as well as causing your brain to release endorphins. All you have to do is take a hot shower as normal; then for the last few minutes, turn the hot water to cold and enjoy a wake-up for your body and brain!

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Eat Oatmeal For Breakfast

Oatmeal is incredibly nutritious and hearty with many benefits including being packed full of B vitamins that transport oxygen and energy-containing nutrients throughout the body. As a complex carbohydrate, oats take longer for your body to digest; helping to keep your blood sugar levels more stable and less likely to cause an energy ‘crash’ than other processed, sugary breakfast foods. If you require your oatmeal to be sweet, avoid refined or processed sugar and go for natural sources like maple syrup, honey or chopped up fruit.

Use Lemon And Sweet Orange Mist

Citrus-based scents are energizing because they promote the body’s production of serotonin (making us feel good) and stimulate our brains into feeling less groggy — lemon and sweet orange are particularly good at this. Both using citrus essential oils in a diffuser or making a body/face mist to spritz on yourself will create a refreshing aroma that perks you up.

The next time you wake up and know you’re going to need a boost of energy to manage your day: drink a glass of water; take a contrast shower; nourish with a bowl of oatmeal and refresh with some lemon or sweet orange essential oils — you’ll be glad you did! It’s worth noting that none of these quick fixes are as good as having a healthy sleep/exercise/eating routine in place; however, they will help uplift you when you’re struggling to get motivated.

How do you make sure you’re focused for your day? What helps to boost your energy when you’re feeling sluggish?

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13 thoughts on “4 Energy Boosters To Lift Your Day”

  1. I’ve been taking contrast showers for the last 6 years, not because I chose them but because that’s how my bathroom plumbing works xD They really are amazing though, you can definitely feel the difference in skin texture and smoothness since finishing with the cold water will close your pores and it will make that blood work ❤ I hate oatmeal though, I did try all the recipes I could find, I just cannot stomach it. In my country we are also used to salty breakfasts which usually consist of veggies/fruits, cheese, boiled eggs and, for non vegetarians, cold cuts. So you could say we get the protein and fiber we need to function throughout the day 😀


    1. Haha, yay for your plumbing! But, you’re so right about a contrast shower improving skin texture, etc. It’s such a great way to start the day! I like that your breakfast gives you all the protein and fiber you need for the day – certainly better than overloading on sugar! Thanks for commenting!


  2. I have a little personal rule to “hydrate before you caffeinate” and try to always start my day with a glass of water.
    Even peeling an orange can release the oils from the skin into the air and give a mood boost! It’s a pity I don’t like oranges or I’d be doing that trick all day long.

    My energy booster is to look at some greenery. Even if I can’t manage to get outside, looking out of the window at some trees (even better if I can open the window for fresh air as well) can give me a much needed little boost!


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