Dusk & Dawn | Poem

Life can get tough and hard to greet each morning so I wrote this for those who struggle to find comfort in each new day.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Dusk + Dawn’: “I’m sorry if this world has ever made you feel that starlight's dusk and sunshine's dawn is a place out of reach and unreal. I’ll whisper until you believe my words constant and true that you are loved and belong here, you do, you do, you do.”

I want you to remember this — or share it with someone you know that needs a little reminder that they matter and their battles don’t have to be fought alone.

If you share my poetry, please tag my Instagram or Facebook or link back to this original post to give credit and please don’t remove my name from my work. Thank you.

Mental Health Support:

For U.S. based helplines and resources (via NAMI), click here

For international helplines and resources (via Global CheckPoint), click here

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