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Essential Life Advice

Advice comes in many forms. Some of it will be sought after and welcomed, while at other times it will be unsolicited and nonsensical. We can choose whether we implement this shared wisdom or whether we ignore it — but there will be a few times in our lives when the advice we receive becomes integral to how we live.

As we all travel through our life’s experiences we hopefully learn from our mistakes as much as we learn from our successes. We get to make a note of how we would do things differently or more freely. We get to readjust, reset and walk ahead with renewed knowledge that helps us make sense of the things we encounter — and we get to pay it forward through sharing what we’ve discovered along the way, in the hopes of making life easier for those who come after us.

When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. | Paulo Coelho

The gifting of acquired and lived knowledge is an exercise in gratitude. It’s an unending thread of connection that weaves its way into our lives. So take a moment to think about the best advice you ever received — even if you can’t remember who, when or how it came to you or whether it was something cultivated from your own missteps or triumphs — and pass it on.

There is so much wisdom that could be entrusted to those who want to listen, and it’s hard to decide on just one piece of advice that I would hand down. But there is something that I keep revisiting and have learned throughout my own life, and that’s the value of trusting your own gut.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Weaving’: “The gifting of acquired and lived knowledge is an exercise in gratitude. It’s an unending thread of connection that weaves its way into our lives.”

It doesn’t matter what age, stage, direction or experience you find yourself at, trusting your gut and being aware of your own instincts is something we all should give more weight to. Like many things, the more you use your instincts the more in tune they will become and the better they will be at guiding you. If something doesn’t feel right, trust that apprehension and look into it more. Question things that niggle at you, speak up when things don’t sit well. Be secure in your need to pause and evaluate what your gut may be trying to tell you. Our instincts won’t always be accurate but they do serve as a signal boost to things we may need to be aware of.

I remember as a young child experiencing that twist in my gut or the butterflies that would tumble about in my stomach that signified my instincts were kicking in and letting me know that something just didn’t feel right. And it’s stuck with me for four decades and has proved time and time again that my instincts have been right more often than they have been wrong.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. | Maya Angelou

So that’s my one bit of essential life advice for everyone from infant to adult — trust your gut. It might become something that serves you as well as it has served me.

What advice do you want to share with others? What have you discovered — or been told — that has become essential in your life?

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8 thoughts on “Essential Life Advice”

  1. The title is correct – this post is essential! Thank you so much for sharing this Molly and that last thought about trusting your gut is so powerful.


  2. Great post! It’s really great to reflect on any advice that someone has given you in the past.
    Mine would be “Money comes and goes” and there is different variations of this that can apply to any situation. You could of won some money, you could be thinking about taking a trip, you could be at a down point in your life. My variation is “Money comes and goes, so do whatever you want to do.”


    1. I agree — I think reflecting and taking stock, no matter what it is, is a good habit to get into. I think your advice is very true because money does come and go, there’s no guarantee if you have it that you’ll always have it and vice versa! Money is something I’m always careful with but do on occasion make a little splurge and spend what I might normally save that month so as to make sure I’m actually enjoying life! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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