Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)

This homemade, pectin-free raspberry jam only has 3 or 4 ingredients and is pretty easy to make. It’s fruity, flavoursome and now the go-to fruit spread in the TN household!

Ingredients (small 8oz jar – easily doubled if required):

16 oz fresh raspberries, halved

1 cup sugar*

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon orange zest, finely grated (optional)

*use bone char free sugar if following a strict vegan diet


2 or 3 metal spoons

knife and cutting board

measuring cups and spoons

large heavy-bottomed saucepan

large heatproof or wooden spoon

zest grater (optional)

8 oz glass jam jar with lid**

**This recipe fills one small 8 oz jar but have at least two jars just in case it yields more

It’s important to sterilize the jars you’re going to use to make sure that any bacteria, yeast or fungi are removed — essential in making sure that the jam will not spoil — because you can keep this particular pectin-free raspberry spread in the fridge for several weeks. This is an easy process to do so don’t omit it! Click here for several ways you can sterilize your jam jars (I use the boiling method).

Important Note: Don’t add cold food to hot jars or hot food to cold jars as this can cause the glass to crack and/or shatter. When your jam is ready, spoon it into a still warm, sterilized jar.


1. | Place the metal spoons in the freezer (you’ll use these to check if the jam is ready).

2. | Put the raspberries, sugar, lemon juice and orange zest (if using) into a large saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat — stir continuously and use the back of the spoon to crush the fruit.

3. | Once it begins to boil, turn the heat down to medium and continue stirring/crushing the fruit until it reduces and thickens after about 15 minutes.

4. | Begin checking the fruit to see if it’s ready by dribbling a small amount of the hot jam onto one of the frozen spoons. Wait a few seconds then run your little finger through the jam — if it makes a clear path that doesn’t ooze and fill back in, it’s reached the desired consistency to set well. If it runs back on itself, keep heating and stirring for a few more minutes and then test again with another one of the frozen spoons.

5. | Take the jam off the heat and spoon carefully into your sterilized jam jar. Leave to cool to room temperature then seal and label with the date then store in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.

Enjoy this jam thickly spread on hot, buttered toast or warm pancakes. You can also swirl it through oatmeal or a cake/bake batter or dollop a spoonful on some vanilla ice-cream — *drools*.

16 thoughts on “Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)”

      1. I ran a jam and preserve making business for a little while and I used to love it when little kids would go past my stall and say in absolute awe “look Mum the strawberry jam has strawberries in it!” because commercially they get blended in.

        My problem was that I was so good at making the jam but not at marketing it.


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