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10 Journaling Prompts

Journaling can be a way for us to tap into mindfulness and gratitude or help organize our thoughts and responses around events that are important to us. It can also be a way to acknowledge or share part of our lives with others and create space for cognizance and reflection.

Sometimes ideas for exploration and putting words to our thoughts can run dry. Even though writing can be a significant outlet that helps many of us process our day-to-day, motivation can sometimes evade us — so here are 10 journaling prompts that may give you some inspiration …

1.| What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? How did it impact your life?

2.| What’s the best compliment you’ve been given?

3. | What bad habit would you like to change? Why?

4. | Describe how a friend has supported you when you really needed it.

5. | Write about a time a stranger did something nice for you.

6.| What, in your opinion, is strength?

7. | Are you making the world a better place?

8. | What has made you angry this week?

9. | Have you ever taken a huge risk? What was it, and was it worth it?

10. | Write a one-minute ‘Thank You’ note to someone (it can also be a note to yourself).

Let me know if you found these 10 journaling prompts useful!

18 thoughts on “10 Journaling Prompts”

  1. Your prompts made me wonder how honest(dishonest?) I am with myself. I realized there are some things I’m actively avoiding – like what bad habits I want to change and what has made me angry this week. πŸ˜›
    Maybe those are what I need to write about.:)


    1. I often take time to think about how honest I am being with myself too and it can often be a little uncomfortable when you realize a few things but I’m all for self-reflection as a means to actively move forward in my life — without it, I can have the tendency to remain stuck.

      Thanks for taking the time to read!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love these ideas! Especially the last one about writing a ‘Thank You’ letter to someone. That’s always a nice gesture to do for someone in general.


  3. These are great. They are very deep, and likely cleansing. I remember when I would journal everyday, and it was just about my day, which got monotonous.


    1. Thank you! I think journaling has such a capacity to be challenging and cleansing and a way to really acknowledge things that we may need to be aware of. Sometimes a little refocus can be all we need to move forward.

      Thank you so much for reading!


  4. I like the last one which is writing a thank you note to someone or yourself. This is really encouraging as it allows you to take time out to appreciate someone or even yourself on just something you did.


  5. It’s so important to take the time to reflect on who you are as a person and how you view the world including the things and people around you. I love number 7 on your list. I honestly have not given any thought on if I contribute to the world so I think this would be a great thing for me to journal about. Thanks for the prompts! These really will have you thinking.

    Kendra | Self-Care Overload.


  6. Really great Prompts here, I love journaling and these will come in so handy. Sometimes I get stuck in the same rut of how the day was and it can be very tedious at times meaning I fall away from my journal.

    Jordanne //


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