TN Poetry | Changes

Sometimes changes come unannounced. Sometimes they manifest after careful planning. Some are the result of perseverance and hard work while others blindside you. Changes can be life-affirming and transformative or disruptive and life-altering in ways you hoped to never experience.

No matter how a transition comes about, it can impact you in ways you never anticipated because how you respond to it leads to a completely new path or way of being. Suddenly, everything changes — ready or not — everything changes …

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Changes’: “And just like that, everything changes.”

Further Info:

This is part of my poetry collection, if you share my work on social media, please do not edit it, remove my name or forget to give credit (tag my Instagram and/or link back to this post or my Poetry Page). If you wish to use my poetry in any other way, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

If you enjoy reading Transatlantic Notes and would like to show your support for the work being done, please consider making a small donation. Thank you.

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