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10 Journaling Prompts for Personal Reflection

Giving pause to think about things in our lives can be a great way to remind ourselves how far we’ve come or how impactful certain moments/people are to our journey. Journaling can be a way to share openly with others or privately to ourselves all the things that add to who we are and what we want out of life.

If inspiration for tapping into mindfulness, gratitude or ways to explore your thoughts/life events is proving hard to come by, then take a look at the following 10 journaling prompts for personal reflection, they may just help inspire you to give voice to what matters most to you and those around you …

1. | Describe something that you do really well.

2. | Write about a time you helped someone.

3. | What are you grateful for?

4. | What is your greatest source of strength?

5. | What challenges have you set yourself?

10 journaling prompts for personal reflection 1.png

6. | How often do you leave your ‘comfort zone’?

7. | Have you ever failed at something? What did it teach you?

8. | How do you help your local community?

9. | Do you have a life calling? How are you working towards it?

10. | What assumptions do people make about you? Does it bother you? Do you correct them?

Let me know if you found these 10 journaling prompts useful!

15 thoughts on “10 Journaling Prompts for Personal Reflection”

  1. This is very useful especially number 6, getting out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it is so hard when you have been in that zone for so long but you really know you want to do something. great post.


  2. Funny because I call myself a writer, and I really enjoy writing. But I’ve never been good at keeping a diary. I’ve tried several times as a teen, but always gave up until I realised it wasn’t for me.
    What I like about your post is that these prompts can also be very useful for fiction writing. After all, fiction is only writing about oneself but hiding it.
    I also like how positive your prompts are.


  3. I used to journal extensively as a teen. These days I just stick to Bujo. Having said that #7 is something I’d love to write about. Thanks for sharing. You may just have lit a fire in me. 🙂


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