TN Poetry | Sustenance

Love can be bold, expressive and brash. It can be loud, energising and a source of fuel. It is strongest, and at its most tested, when drawn upon during tougher times. It can also be in all the spaces where physical, emotional and mental nourishment exists — a part of our everyday lives. A constant cycle of renewal.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Sustenance’: “It's written in the unspoken, it's present in the mundane. Its beat is found in the humdrum, and replenishes like warm summer rain. Its resilience is nestled amongst quiet, its comfort whispered serene. It's a trust that grows untethered, and stands firm like tall evergreen.”

Love is a source of sustenance — so give, receive and flourish.

How do you show love? What is your love language? Do you take the time to understand someone else’s expressions of love?

If you share my poetry, please tag my Instagram or Facebook or link back to this original post to give credit and please don’t remove my name from my work. Thank you.

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