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Where Love Begins …

How we express love for someone can be as unique as we are. Some of us are physically affectionate, some are verbally affirming. Some reveal their love through thoughtfulness and small acts of kindness and care throughout the day. Some may rarely communicate it, but then say or do something profound every once in a while. Some may even seem to not show it at all.

Misunderstandings and frustrations can build up within a relationship if there is a perception that love is not being demonstrated in a way that is expected. How we give love is one important part of a relationship, but what we need in return to feel cherished and special, is another. The connections we make with someone need to include recognition of, and appreciation for, the way they manifest love. Knowing what makes your significant other feel the most valued — and being able to share that with them — is one of the best gifts you can give. It infuses reciprocity into our lives because love has the ability to be felt and reflected back on us even when we’re giving it to others.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Connections’: “Know yourself well enough so that you can weave love into every corner of your existence and cultivate a heart that knows exactly how it should be loved.”

If a relationship is to grow, be healthy and strong, there has to be an understanding of how differently we experience love and that no one particular way is the right way. It’s said that you shouldn’t wait to tell someone you love them, but perhaps more importantly, you shouldn’t wait to find out how best you can love them, because if you’ve found the right person, there will never be enough time to show it.

There is also immense strength to be found in knowing yourself. You’re able to weave love into your existence because you understand how best you want your heart to be treated. Taking time to understand how you embody love will put you in a better position to recognize when you’re receiving it — and when you’re not. Cultivate a relationship with yourself first because then you’ll be able to tell your soulmate what you need when they ask.

What makes you feel valued and loved in a relationship? How do you express your love for yourself and others?

Further Info:

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14 thoughts on “Where Love Begins …”

  1. This is a really thoughtful post. It’s so true about working out how you feel loved and how your partner does. My husband and I look for different things and learning each others needs in that area was imperative to building and are strengthening our relationship


  2. Love this post!
    I really liked that you touched on the importance of understanding how people experience love differently + there’s not one right way.That is something people often forget but it so key to making any relationship work

    Karen | https://thekcomponent.com/


  3. This is such a lovely post! I know everyone has a different love language (I forgot which one mine is! Oops, I guess I’ll have to take the quiz again!) but it is important to know how to express your love to your partner and vice versa, because we all express our love in different ways. I’m not so much a cuddly, touchy-feely person, but if you do a random act of kindness for me, I’ll feel so loved and worthy. This is such an important topic in relationships! Thank you for writing about it!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com


    1. Thank you — I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this and that it resonated! Being able to receive love in a way that is beneficial and meaningful to us is so important and being able to help our partners love us effectively (and vice versa) makes being in a relationship that much more fulfilling. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read!


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