Sometimes the quiet of midnight, even when you can’t sleep, can be where you get moments to rest and quiet your mind. Take some time to breathe in and exhale. Sit with the knowledge that tomorrow brings the opportunity of a fresh start, renewed energy or a clearer perspective.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ’Midnight’: “Let hum turn to hush, whisper dreams from within, where burdens can rest and possibilities begin.”

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18 thoughts on “Midnight”

  1. The power of a 10-second gratitude practice at midnight is real. I used to think expressing gratitude had to involve long list-making and only including big things to be thankful for. But gratitude can also come in the form of: “I’m grateful for warm coffee and the ability to move my body. This was a good day.”

    Anyway, that’s my midnight ritual.


    1. Haha, it can be a struggle for me to be awake at midnight, but sometimes I just find myself unable to sleep. These reflections can be done at any moment of nighttime quiet so I often find myself just thinking on these things whenever they happen. Thanks for reading!


  2. Hi Molly. What a lovely poem. Midnight can, indeed, be very peaceful … although I often find my peace disturbed by a snoring Labrador!


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