Blossom & Bloom

What we say can have great impact. Words lead to beliefs. Beliefs lead to action. Action leads to change. And change leads to liberation. How we speak to ourselves, the way we talk to others and the thoughts and utterances that we deliver into the world have power.

Poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called Blossom + Bloom reads: “If the words that leave your lips are not seeds that blossom and bloom, then what is it that they sow?”

Words are a catalyst. Words are seeds that grow and flourish. Do we nurture ourselves and those around us with what we speak or do we create more weight for us all to carry?

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12 thoughts on “Blossom & Bloom”

  1. This made me think about what I say, and most of the time I don’t speak, especially when it will cause confrontation and issues. But I regret when I don’t speak my mind about things I’m passionate about, and all the times that the people around me are talking garbage that I should’ve have corrected.


    1. I think protecting your own energy and choosing when to speak our mind is a good thing, but there are moments when what someone is saying, because of what it puts out into the world, should be challenged and corrected — it can be uncomfortable though so I understand the regret. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your perspective/experiences!


  2. Oo, this is such a pretty piece of writing, and I love that you leave it as a question since I think we all know the answer! Seeds and blossoms, in the form of words or writing, are beautiful.


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