On a white table lays a black letter board with the words, “Today I choose joy” placed on it. Next to it is a cup of tea. Photo by Melinda Gimpel via Unsplash.
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Unapologetically Celebrating What Brings You Joy (Tag)

Sharing little things in life that meaningfully establish a source of everyday joy can represent a way to spread positivity and nourish connection. We all need to feel that no matter what, we can experience something that conveys comfort and delight — unapologetically so.

And this means not worrying if other people understand how or why something brings intentional happiness; what’s important is that it does. Maybe this is a reminder to surround ourselves with people who appreciate and lovingly acknowledge what helps us thrive.

This is reflected in the Fangirl Approach To Life blogging tag that Izzy Matias created and very kindly included me in (thank you). She set some questions to answer and explains that:

A fangirl approach to life is all about sharing the things that make you happy and help you become a better person. […] It’s a celebration of what you love without being shy or ashamed about it!

Foreground Text: Unapologetically Celebrating What Brings You Joy; a post on Transatlantic Notes. Background Image: On a white table lays a black letter board with the words, “Today I choose joy” placed on it. Next to it is a cup of tea. Photo by Melinda Gimpel via Unsplash.

This seems like a really wonderful way to get 2022 started; I hope that if I’ve tagged you below you feel the love and appreciation I have for your blog — there’s no expectation or pressure to join in. However, if you do want to take part, you can find the rules and questions via the Be Unapologetically You page on Izzy’s site.

Here are my answers …

Introduce yourself and your blog, including one piece of trivia that not many people know about you.

I’m Molly, the creator and writer of Transatlantic Notes; a blog where I write about a number of topics I connect deeply to, including: anti-racism; social equity and justice; climate action; self-care/mental health support; a plant-based lifestyle and my poetry.

Trivia: I have a career dream of becoming a professionally published poet with a couple of book deals. I write my poetry to explore and process life; hoping it resonates with whomever reads it, to create space for celebration, love and healing.

What topics do you love geeking out about that give you bliss?

I have a long-standing, deep interest in ancient history (specifically Egyptian), being an amateur genealogy enthusiast and … corgi dogs!

Do you blog about them? Why/why not? If not, would you like to?

While I appreciate the joy that I experience from learning about ancient history, researching family ancestry and watching cute corgi videos; I don’t feel a calling to write about them like I do with the topics I cover on Transatlantic Notes. They will remain a source of great enjoyment for me, but I don’t currently intend to blog about them.

Banner by Izzy Matias for the ‘Be Unapologetically You’ tag.
image by Izzy Matias

Would you say you live life being unapologetically you? Why/why not? If not, what would your life look like if you were unafraid to share more about the things that make you happy?

Overall, I would say I’m very secure with sharing the things that make me happy. I like to think I live unapologetically, but I’m aware there are certain things in my life that need to change; they’ve become a less authentic representation of whom I’m transforming into. The previous couple of years have been extremely challenging, so to be truly unapologetically me, I need to fully embrace some personal healing and growth.

Permission to geek out & be unapologetically you: share one thing you fangirl over and how/why this came about.

I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars so absolutely love anything to do with sci-fi. The new tv shows that are currently being produced within these franchises are essential viewing (like Picard and The Mandalorian); for me, they still hold the same magic I felt as a child.  

I know I’m only meant to share one thing but … I have to acknowledge that I’ve been in love with actor Marlon Brando since I was 8 years old. I distinctly remember trying to find something to watch on the television when I caught a glimpse of him in the film A Streetcar Named Desire. I thought he was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen; I’ve been mesmerised by him and his noteworthy performances ever since. If you haven’t watched A Streetcar Named Desire, On The Waterfront, The Men, The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, then you really need to.

What do you love the most about being a fan?

That it’s an expression of genuine interest and affection for something that makes us happy — what could be better than that?

Share a fun or unforgettable fan experience.

Thinking about my answer to this question makes me realize how many things I fangirl over in addition to what I’ve shared here! The only thing that immediately came to mind was the time I attended an auction preview at Christie’s London of the personal items of Marilyn Monroe; in advance of them being sold in New York.

I adore her; she’s an incredible icon, but that wasn’t what made this fan experience unforgettable. It was the connection I felt to her as a real person, not just the legend she became in her lifetime. The pair of jeans on display were like my own; her pots and pans were similar to those I had at home; her shoes were the type I liked to wear, etc. It was a profoundly surreal experience; she was an idol but here I was being able to connect to her everyday, beautiful humanity. This was about 23 years ago, and I still remember how it impacted me. 

Final thoughts …

It feels good to think about the things in my life that make me smile or support me through tougher days. By focusing on them in this way — consciously examining where and how I can create joy in my life — it’s a great reminder that there are lots of things I can tap into and enjoy; a little something to uplift the soul.

If you can, I’d recommend setting aside some time today to think about your answers (even if you haven’t been tagged below); gift yourself some self-encouragement for being unapologetically you.

What things bring you joy in life? How do you celebrate your interests?

Further Info:

Here are my nominees:

To find the rules and questions for this tag, click here.

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35 thoughts on “Unapologetically Celebrating What Brings You Joy (Tag)”

  1. What a lovely tag post! That’s so cool that you have an interest in ancient Egypt. When I was a kid I was fascinated in ancient history. And seeing all of Marilyn Monroe’s things – wow!!
    I feel I am more unapologetically me than I ever was before, with still a ways to go. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂


    1. I thought Izzy’s idea/tag was really great as it got me thinking about all the things I genuinely enjoy in life — even when it’s been really tough lately. I don’t think we allow ourselves enough time to focus on it as when I did I remembered the Monroe exhibit and it all came flooding back and made me smile! Thanks so much for reading!


  2. This is such an interesting tag! I love that you were able to view some of Marilyn Monroe’s items! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oooh Molly! First of, thank you very much for the tag. Secondly, I love this tag and I absolutely loved reading your answers. I think appreciating the little things in life can make us realize that there’s a whole Iot to be grateful for. I find it quite interesting that you have an interest in ancient history. I love studying about ancient history as well especially ancient animals that are now extinct like dinosaurs and all that lol. And yeah, I’m a huge, huge, fan of Marilyn Monroe. I’m glad doing this tag made you smile and brought back precious memories. Thank you for sharing!


    1. I really enjoy your site and all the topics you write about — so I had to nominate you for this (there’s no pressure or expectation to join). I love anything to do with ancient history, including paleontology (which I would have loved to have gone into as a career too). It’s so great you’re a Monroe fan too — she is/was incredible and I loved getting to share some of that appreciation for her. Thanks so much for reading!


  4. Reading this post immediately brought me joy. I appreciate your blog so getting a look into who you are as a person really was a nice thing. Your description and writing style about things you enjoy resonated off the screen to me and even had me thinking about my favorite things as well.


  5. I really loved reading your post, Molly! That’s so cool you want to publish your poetry. I say go for it!! Have you considered self-publishing or would you like to have your poems published traditionally through an agent & publisher? And really cool that you have a deep interest in ancient history & corgi dogs and that you were able to attend an auction preview of Marilyn Monroe’s items! ☺️ I also have to watch those movies of Marlon Brando!! I haven’t watched The Godfather even though it’s so well-known! Thank you again for answering my blogging tag. 😊


    1. I really loved your tag and was so happy to be included so thank you for creating it and the great questions!
      For my poetry, I’d love to go the traditional route so I hope to approach agents and publishers when I’m ready to take that step — I feel like it’s a dream I can no longer put off as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a number of years.
      I hope you get to watch The Godfather, it’s a great movie — a classic gangster tale that holds up even today. Al Pacino is remarkable in it too!
      Thanks again for this tag — it’s great!


      1. Aww thank you!! 🙂 Rooting for you to get published traditionally!! Let me know when you publish your poetry. Would love to check it out!! I will also check if Netflix has The Godfather 🙂


  6. This is such a lovely idea for a tag! It’s so cool that you were able to view some of Marilyn Monroe’s items as well as feeling such a personal connection to her – what an experience. Thank you so much for sharing!


  7. I am such a fangirl over so many things haha. If I love something I really love it.

    I loved reading your responses to these prompts. You should definitely move to get published!! You can do it!!


  8. What a great tag! It’s always great getting to know fellow bloggers. I also have a deep interest for Egyptian history and corgis haha. I’m so happy to hear that you love Star Wars! I recently got into it because of The Mandalorian and I’m having a blast with the movies and shows. The auction preview sounds like such a unique and fun experience, I’m glad you still think fondly of it years later.


    1. It’s great you’re a Star Wars fan and got into it because of The Mandalorian (which is a great homage to the original films) — and that you love corgis (I’m obsessed)! I really enjoyed this tag as the questions really got me thinking — thank you so much for reading!


  9. This was a very fun post to read. I really enjoyed watching the Mandolarian too. ☺️ I am also Star Wars fan. Taking moments of gratitude is so necessary and important everyday. It’s so important to take nothing for granted. Great tag post. ☺️

    Pastor Natalie


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