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Blog Tips That Can Overcome Writer’s Block

Being a blogger who writes and shares content that connects deeply with what you want to put out into the world can provide a powerfully creative outlet. No matter what topics or blog niche/s you work under, there’s nothing better than writing a blog post that you’re proud of … that is until writer’s block decides to show up.

Anyone who has ever tried to put something together for a blog post has likely experienced the deep frustration and stress that comes from dealing with writer’s block (or should that be blogger’s block, in this instance?). You can be on one of the best creative streaks of your writing life when suddenly everything changes; you either can’t produce any fresh ideas about what to cover or all motivation disappears; sometimes for no apparent reason.

As writing of this kind is customarily a labour of love that takes far more effort, preparation and time than non-bloggers may realize, overcoming it can be anxiety inducing. Additionally, if you’re experiencing struggles and challenges that negatively impact your mental/emotional health; it’s likely your ability to focus on writing will get disrupted — and that’s okay; you should take care of yourself first.  


Whatever form and for whatever reason this kind of creative obstacle manifests; if you still feel the need to release something into the online world, try out these successful blog tips about how to get over writer’s block.

*It’s also healthy and appropriate to take a break and not write anything; you can (and should) allow yourself to rest for as long as you need.*  

Update And Reshare Older Posts

This is a really quick and easy option that doesn’t require too much effort. You can replace links with more up-to-date outbound information; add internal links to your current content that fits the subject matter; use recent photographs or even briefly explain how contemporary knowledge has altered your initial opinion/ideas, etc. (which could be further explored as a post of its own when you’ve come out of the content writing funk).

Most Popular Post Lists

As blog content ideas go, this is a genuinely effective one to develop (even if you aren’t struggling with writer’s block). By taking a look at the most popular content on your site, not only are you utilizing this information to construct a basic ‘Top Ten’ style blog post; you’re highlighting your writing skills and using more internal links that help boost how search engines navigate, define and index your site. You may also garner some inspiration about what you want to cover next. 

Favourite Post Lists

Another list-style alternative to try out is curating a collection of your favourite posts from other sites and bloggers. This is an encouraging way to demonstrate appreciation for the writing community; establish positive relationships with other creators and possibly get some inbound links if your post is shared by those you featured; their web pages or social media can serve as an extensive source of traffic.

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photo via Liza Summer/Pexels

Inspiration From Other Bloggers

Taking a look at what other bloggers are writing about can provide some useful themed ideas for your writing; just make sure you do not copy someone else’s work. If you’ve discovered something that compels you to communicate your own thoughts or experiences, that’s inspiration; if you reproduce their words or style and claim it as your own, that’s plagiarism — avoid it at all costs. However, if it’s a general topic like self-care, for example; that prompts conceptualization for your own blog post; it’s reasonable to utilize what you enjoyed reading as a starting point. Giving credit for what influenced you; with a link to that post, isn’t necessary but it is good etiquette, especially if it performed a direct role in what you ended up publishing.

*If content is proprietary to a particular blogger; using any of it as impetus for your own writing should only occur with their prior knowledge, approval and agreed upon citation.*

Use An Online Blog Title Generator

When you know the subject matter you want to approach, but are struggling with anything beyond that; try typing the topic you’re considering into a (free) online blog post title generator and see what suggestions are offered up. They won’t be ideal and may require editing/refining but they could provide enough insight to break the block. For example, by typing ‘self-care’ into one of these generators it came up with a number of ideas, including: 10 Facts About Self-Care That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood; and Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Self-Care Than You Might Think

Writing Prompts

This is fairly self-explanatory, but if all else fails, find some writing prompts to use as a blog post guide. They are usually very thought-provoking and may trigger some motivation to start writing again; you can uncover many choice examples of questions/prompts online or in available books for purchase. 

There are many ways to overcome writer’s block but the six recommendations included here have consistently rescued me when I’ve hit that creative wall but still want to regularly publish on my site. It’s worthwhile having a few things in a blogging ‘toolkit’ to fall back on when we lose inspiration and motivation — I hope you found these suggestions useful!

If you’ve experienced writer’s block, what helped you get through it? 

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79 thoughts on “Blog Tips That Can Overcome Writer’s Block”

  1. Some great tips here! I love scouring Pinterest for blog post ideas – failing that, I tend to write a “diary entry” of what I’ve been up to lately. You’re right though, sometimes a break from writing is just what we need to get inspiration again!
    Saph x


  2. These are some great suggestions! I’ll definitely be diving into these resources later today. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This was extremely helpful to me! I was struggling earlier to think of a great title for a blog post. I was not aware of this blog post title generators. It just gave me 3-4 I can easily work with.
    When I don’t feel inspired to write I go back and update old posts since everyday I realize how much I did not know.
    Thank you Molly!


  4. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting at my laptop and no writing happening! I love these tips, especially updating older posts. That’s something I need to work on and put my newly learned SEO knowledge into them! Thanks for sharing these great tips 🙂


  5. These are some really helpful blog tips that can help you overcome any creative block. It can be so hard and frustrating when you can’t get out of a creative rut. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl


  6. I have started a habit of looking at my best performing pins and updating that content. Then I look at my best performing posts on GA and create new pins for those ones. I keeps me busy and inspires me to create new posts.


  7. I have been updated and resharing some of my older blogs for sure. I really appreciate these tips. I like the ideas of writing posts that include some of our most popular blogs. Also giving credit to others in the writing community is only right. I’m so glad you mentioned this. There seems to be some who get inspired by others and copy without giving credit. Thank you for sharing this post. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie


  8. Writer’s block or blogger’s block as you coined it can be frustrating. These are great tips for helping to alleviate writer’s block. Lists are a great and simple way to get content out there without frustrating yourself more. I also like the option of updating old content and using that as inspiration to start another post too.
    Thanks for sharing.


  9. I love a new resource! I never heard about that blog title generator before. That may be a big help for me in the future. I like to work from the headline as it gives me inspiration and guidance. If I can’t get the idea of that down, it slows the whole process down for me. I also like the idea of the lists and honoring the writing community. I came up with an idea for that a few days ago that I will be writing soon. Really useful ideas.



  10. These are some great tips! I had a blogger’s block a few months back and nothing seemed to get me out of it. So I tried something new and made a secondary anon blog as a “dumping ground” where I simply wrote every day. I didn’t care about punctuation or writing properly. Just opened the editor every day and wrote whatever came to mind. It really helped me get back to blogging and also taught me about how I like to write and gave me some new ideas about writing style.


    1. This is a brilliant idea! It’s great to find what works for us and I love the idea of a place to just write and get it all out and worry about making sense of it or organizing it later (if needed). Thanks for sharing this tip!


    1. I experienced this too, I ended up taking most of 2020 off and then a number of months in 2021 because of some writer’s block triggered by anxiety/life, etc. These tips were what finally got me out of that loop — but it’s also good to step away if we need to!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Amazing tips, Molly! As a blogger, I tend to have periods where I feel stuck with my writing. I’ll be definitely try these, whenever I feel a writer’s block is coming! Writing prompts is something I have tried recently and it really helps massively! xx Penny


  12. This is so helpful! I love the idea of resharing older posts. I’ve been meaning to go through them to work on the SEO. I also like the blog title generator. It’s such a fun way to spark inspiration. Thank you for sharing!


  13. For me what has helped me get over writers block is write about my day – covering something funny that has happened or just writing what I’m grateful for.

    I also take a Skelton approach to writing blog posts adding the headers – introduction, conclusion with point 1, 2, 3 has helped me work as I then just look on quorate or reddit for a problem people are looking to solve.


  14. Great tips! Usually, my form of blocks manifest themselves as not being able to do the work, since my ideas would be plentiful, but I somehow feel like everything I put out just lacks that oomph. When I’m in that state, I just challenge myself to write as crappily as I can, and that seems to do the trick, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!


  15. These are some really great tips and ideas! As someone who suffers with writer’s block from time-to-time, this is incredibly useful! I love the idea of updating old posts & using blog title generators to help fine tune what you want to write about. Thanks for sharing!x


  16. Thank you for sharing these tips! I’m trying to get into the habit for re-writing and working with my older posts on my second blog. It’s so easy to forget they exist after only a month later! Thank you for sharing your tips.


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