A giant Ukrainian flag is being help by people at a rally in Times Square, NYC to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Photo by José Pablo Domínguez via Unsplash.
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Here’s How You Can Help Ukraine

About a week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin embarked on his invasion campaign to bombard, overtake and control neighbouring Ukraine. Aiming to strategically seize the country through bombing assaults that focused on the capital city (Kyiv); the Russians, assuming it would be a quick and easy offensive unexpectedly encountered bold, courageous and resilient resistance from the Ukrainian people.

With Kyiv holding against being captured by the Russians (for now), the focus of Putin’s onslaught has turned to other Ukrainian population centres; resulting in mass civilian displacement. As the numbers of casualties rise and supplies/safety becomes increasingly scarce, the people of Ukraine require our support.

It can be overwhelming to see/hear things play out in real-time on the news or social media; digesting a constant stream of information and updates can make an ongoing and evolving crisis seem insurmountable. However, there is much we can do to provide assistance and solidarity that will make a difference.


Here are some key ways you can help Ukraine … 

Share Reliable Information

Disinformation is a tactic used to deliberately sow mistrust, push disturbing ideologies and/or cause panic. Sharing misleading or manufactured information is all too easy to do; make sure sources are verifiable and trustworthy, such as:

  • BBC News; world renowned, up-to-the-minute breaking news and in-depth journalism

United Help Ukraine; providing food, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to those displaced by Russia’s invasion

Revived Soldiers Ukraine; medical and sustainable living support for soldiers and their families

Voices of Children; a Ukrainian charity focused on helping children in the east of the country recover from the psychological impacts of war

World Central Kitchen; the incomparable Chef José Andres is feeding refugees who have reached the Polish border

A woman at a demonstration holds a sign that reads, “We Stand With Ukraine’. Photo by Sima Ghaffarzadeh via Pexels.
photo via Sima Ghaffarzadeh/Pexels

Support Marginalized People

While everyone is at risk during this conflict; it is suspected that Russian authorities will target LGBTQ+ advocates, journalists and members of religious and/or ethnic minority groups in Ukraine. The following organizations and initiatives need urgent donations:

  • Chuffed; helping Roma access humanitarian aid
  • Project Kesher; independent Jewish community meeting the needs of women and girls, including those who need to relocate

Push For Political Action

Taking part in a protest represents a vocal and visual way to show the people of Ukraine that you support them; it also lets government leaders know that condemning Russia’s actions remains a priority. If you’re interested in attending a demonstration/rally in your country, you might be able to find one here (or research them on social media).

You can also contact your political representative/s to make sure they are supporting:

  • ongoing financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine as the crisis develops
  • increased/revised sanctions
  • safe passage for refugees, including improving visa/entry requirements

Advocating for an end to violence and Russian aggression can assume many forms; pressure is being applied from governments, organizations and brands around the world. We can add our voices to this rising tide; it’s a matter for all of us to care about. 

Do you have any other ways you’re showing support for Ukraine? What’s happening in your local area?

Further Info:

The Increasingly Complicated Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Explained – Vox

Contact Your Elected Officials (U.S. Only)

38 thoughts on “Here’s How You Can Help Ukraine”

    1. Russia is behind so many misinformation campaigns throughout the years, even working well here in the U.S.; Putin definitely wants to sow confusion. Reliable, independent media has never been more important — thanks so much for reading!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so disheartening watching this unfold and knowing that Ukraine is basically left to their own devices (from a militaristic perspective) because no one wants to, rightfully, start a bigger conflict.

    It’s important that we help in any way we can, so it’s good to have these links shared among us.


    1. It is so disheartening to watch so I felt compelled to share some of the ways we can all help; so much more can be done but can all start with supporting these amazing organizations and initiatives in any way we can. Thanks so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s hard to watch the news and see everything that is happening and this is such a beautiful post in a much needed time! Thank you for sharing your kind heart through your post


  3. Thank you for this, especially the links and places to donate, that’s REALLY helpful. It’s so hard to know what’s legit and how we can help when we’re so far from what’s going on but really, we can all do a small part to help.


  4. Thank you for sharing so many different ways to help Ukraine. It’s easy to feel discouraged and helpless watching things unfold, but there are so many ways we can make a difference. Sharing reliable information is a wonderful way to help, especially for those who are unable to donate. There’s something here we can all do. Thank you Molly!


  5. I love what you do in all these cases Molly. We are all human above everything and seeing inocent people suffer is hard. It is great you always find meaningful ways in which we can support those in need.
    I hope all this madness comes to an end soon.


  6. Great post Molly. Here in Italy there are various places we can donate including the Italian Red Cross. There have been food collections in local supermarkets and there was a recent call for baby and children’s clothing and toys. These are all being shipped to the Ukrainian border for the refugees. Locally, the authorities have been checking with Ukrainian residents to make sure they are okay and help them prepare to receive relatives fleeing the conflict. They have also checked on Russian residents to make sure they are okay – it is so difficult for them too. Refugees have started arriving in our area and there has been various calls for people with spare accommodation to house families. Barnet Boy and I have joined in several world peace meditations – we figure any positive vibe is a good thing!


    1. That is so good to hear that people have been checked on to make sure they are okay; we need more of that in this world. It’s also encouraging to hear that the Italian Red Cross is taking in much needed donations too; this is all so needed. Thank you for reading!


  7. I cannot stress enough the importance of only consuming and sharing reliable and checked information. Being a romanian, our country has been subjected to the russian propaganda for years and now its results are showing. I am soooo proud of our people who got together and went to help without waiting for the government to set the tone. However, the fake news and years of propaganda are showing their teeth. Information is so important and it works on a subconscious level. Check your sources, always check your sources


    1. Exactly, that’s why I had to include it here; the pervasiveness of news being called ‘fake’ to discredit real information and/or disinformation being pushed out instead is so dangerous. The amount of lies coming from Putin (who is an expert at this within the media) is astounding but not surprising. Factual reporting is vital right now; I 100% agree with you. Thank you so much for commenting.


  8. Thank you for sharing these timely resources and tips. It is so important to make sure that we are getting our news from reputable sources and donating to legit charities. It is so hard to watch what is happening in Ukraine.


  9. What an awesome list! Sharing reliable news is definitely important, as I feel like more and more sites censor what is really going on. Being in the know is the only way to know how to make a positive impact through the resources available. ❤


    1. Exactly; we cannot let misinformation become the norm (although it’s well on its way to being so). Independent and factual journalism is a key foundation of democracy and it’s been under attack for many years in Russia, the U.S. etc. Hopefully this list of resources will help!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I love your compassion for others Molly. This is truly a tragic event and I appreciate the value of the resources you’ve listed.


  11. Thank you for sharing all the ways we can help. It’s disheartening to see what is happening in Ukraine & it’s terrible that misinformation is being spread. I’ve been following the main news channel here in Denmark, but I’ll have to follow The Kyiv Independent too. Also, thank you for sharing where we can donate.


  12. Thank you so much for sharing these and raising awareness, Molly! Can’t believe what is happening there, I’m both angry and heartbroken. At least, we can stand together and help them out 🥺 I have been in touch with the Ukraine embassy in my country, will be checking these organizations too! x Penny |


  13. This is a great article, Molly, full of all the info everyone should be looking at. Thank you for sharing these and highlighting the situation we are currently dealing with. It’s heartbreaking to see so many people suffer at the hand of one.


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