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Using Journaling Prompts to Maintain Your Well-Being

For many of us, journaling represents a way to help organize our thoughts, recognize and celebrate gratitude and/or work through any challenges currently being faced. By expressing ourselves openly in this way, journaling can help relieve stress and anxiety; becoming a valuable tool to monitor our general health and well-being.

Using a personal journal does not have to solely focus on positives; life is a chaotic mix of ups and downs; our everyday experiences will reflect this. One of our superpowers (resiliency) comes from acknowledging our struggles; journaling can provide support that examines them in a way that does not completely weigh us down or hold us back. We can take care of ourselves through mindful self-compassion; our personal wellness is important.

*Please note that journaling is not a replacement for qualified medical support/treatment. If your emotional, mental and/or physical health negatively impacts your ability to experience a balanced/healthful life, always consult healthcare professionals.*


By taking some time as often as we can; to reflect on our health and wellness, we can remind ourselves about the things we’ve overcome, improved on or been accountable for. Part of working towards growth and thriving is being able to recognize the progress we’ve already made; steps forward might sometimes be small, but they’re still significant. If we keep losing track of our momentum because it’s wonky, sometimes backward and oftentimes exhausting; journaling might be exactly what’s needed to reassure us that things have and will get better.

Here are 10 useful health and well-being journal prompts …

  • What do you need right now? Identify three things to continue doing/need to be put in place to nurture your mind/body/spirit.
  • What boundaries could you set that support your emotional, mental and physical health?
  • What 3 things do you typically draw strength from?
  • How do you show kindness and compassion to other people? Identify a number of ways you can share this same consideration with yourself.
A young Black woman sits at her desk writing in her journal. She has a beautiful, serene smile on her face. Photo by Arina Krasnikova via Pexels.
photo via Arina Krasnikova/Pexels
  • List the ways you look after your physical health (no matter how small).
  • Explore a time when you overcame a difficult challenge.
  • List 3 self-care activities that you’re going to start using to help yourself feel rested and restored.

Maintaining health and well-being isn’t about overlooking our issues or struggles; it’s about attending to them bit by bit, as best we can and implementing things in life that build resiliency and self-love. Journaling won’t magically resolve everything nor is it practice for perfection (newsflash; that doesn’t exist). If done consistently, however, journaling can become part of a self-care routine that nurtures every part of us. It’s worth giving it a try.

Do you journal? Which is your favourite prompt from the list above? What self-care activities work for you? 

Further Info:

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NAMI Helpline – a free, nationwide U.S. resource that offers experienced peer-support guidance and advice

CheckPoint – global (by country) resources for mental health support

57 thoughts on “Using Journaling Prompts to Maintain Your Well-Being”

  1. I love journaling as a way to get my thoughts out. A therapist once told me to do it and rip the paper up afterwards. Literally throwing away the feelings. It works! Still do it to this day if something it really bothering me.


  2. This is such a well-written, helpful post Molly. I do not journal, but I do practice mindfulness and focus on things that bring me joy. You’ve provided me some additional food for thought! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I enjoy journaling it let’s me be a little creative and clear my mind! However, I try not to write out negative thoughts because then they can be reread and I don’t want to manifest the negative – Thanks for sharing


    1. I love that! The versatility of journaling is it’s superpower; I like to acknowledge something I’m struggling with and then use the journal to plot ways I can move forward or improve it (if I’m using it for my well-being), etc. I want to honour what I’m experiencing but not dwell on the negative either. I get to hold myself accountable while also seeing how far I’ve come; it’s been so helpful. Thanks so much for reading!


  4. I practiced journaling for the whole month of February and wrote a total of 12 k words. This was for a challenge. And I loved it. I could practically feel myself calm down as the words poured out. It definitely helps relieve stress and anxiety.


  5. Thanks for these Journaling Prompts. I usually do freewriting on a notebook especially when I need comfort. An inspiring quote is good but I usually go with a bible quote. I should try this one too anyway.


  6. Beautifully written post! I just recently started journaling myself and find it really liberating and helpful. As you well pointed out it helps with stress and acknowledging ourselves and our current status.
    In the beginning I thought it would be silly but now I think of it as one of the best habits I adopted ever.
    My favourite prompt is the one we have to explore a time when we had to overcome a big challenge. Remembering something like this reminds you of your strengths and you know you can accomplish difficult things. I really enjoyed reading this!


  7. I love the idea of using journal prompts. Many of us journal to organize our thoughts or practice gratitude, but prompts offer another way to dive deeper. I especially love setting boundaries, a quote that inspires you, and self-care activities you plan on incorporating into your routine. Thank you for sharing, I’ll be using these!


  8. Some lovely prompts here, Molly. My favourite is, “How do you show kindness and compassion to other people? Identify a number of ways you can share this same consideration with yourself.” Such a good way of ensuring we treat ourselves as kindly as we do others 🙂


    1. Very useful prompts. Expressing our thoughts in writing can really helps us in these hard times. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Journaling has always been a helpful method for me to express how I feel. I’ve been consistently journaling for about 3 years now and it’s so ingrained in my routine, I can’t picture not doing it. One of my favorite journal prompts that you have listed is about boundaries. I tend to be a people pleaser and for the majority of my young adulthood, I ignored my boundaries, ultimately leaving me feeling frustrated and used. I’ve gotten much better at this and I feel this particular prompt serves as a great reminder. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Boundaries have been amazing for me and I wish I had got used to using them earlier in life — I am so glad you like this particular prompt as it has helped me so much to figure out what steps I need to take to implement them. I hope it’s useful for you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Another great post! I did a lot of journaling during the height of the pandemic when I had a lot of free time. Recently between work, classes and my site, I haven’t had much time for it which is frustrating. I’m looking forward to classes being over so I can get back to it. It really is a great way to help with stress and emotional well-being!


  11. I love these journaling prompts Molly! I bullet journal but haven’t done a lot of journaling in a few years so I definitely want to start doing it more x


  12. I journal most days. Sometimes it’s a few sentences or a page or pages. It really is a great way to practice self-care and mindfulness. I really like the prompt, what do I need now? It’s something I need to ask myself more.
    Thanks for sharing.


  13. Poetry is my journaling. It reflects the emotions and difficulties I go through that particular day. Pleasant days bring brighter poems . Difficult days bring darker poems.


  14. Thanks for sharing this! I don’t do journal, but I focus more on things that make me happy 🙂 However, I’m considering starting one after reading many positive opinions about that x


  15. I love your journal prompts. I am also a big fan of using journals, planners, and logbooks hence my latest blog post about staying organized using planners. Thank you for sharing these great tips.


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