A small white card has the words ‘trust in the you of now’ printed on it. It rest on a wooden desk near a notebook and pen; photo by Lena Kudryavtseva via Unsplash.
Affirmations & Journaling

Affirmations That Can Improve Your Mindset

Our mindset consists of a set of established attitudes and beliefs that we use to make sense of the world around us; often helping to determine our place within it. What we internalize and allow to be reflected back is connected to how we deal with the ups and downs of life; which in turn is both influenced by, and dependent on how we perceive ourselves. In short, how we talk to ourselves matters.

Important Note: If you’re struggling with thoughts of helplessness, self-harm and/or suicide; affirmations are not intended as a replacement for professional/medical mental health support. If you need further assistance, some resources have been included at the end of this article.

Nurturing a mentality that encourages us to follow opportunities, problem solve or take care of our mental well-being builds strength and adaptability. Allowing ourselves to shift our mindset, especially when facing challenges, opens up the possibility to move from merely surviving to actively thriving.


Uplifting and reassuring statements that are repeated regularly become affirmations that have an effect on conscious and subconscious thinking that impacts how we feel about ourselves; directly feeding into how we respond to what’s going on around us. Affirmations can be implemented to interrupt and challenge negative thinking; launching the motivation needed to attract the things we want out of life.

Using affirmations for the first time can feel a bit clumsy or awkward, but whether said out loud, spoken internally or written in a journal; these meaningful and uplifting statements can begin to seep into our way of thinking and help improve how we approach daily life. The key to an affirmation being successful is consistency; an effort worth making every day to shift our outlook away from beliefs that no longer serve us. 

Here are 12 affirmations that can improve your mindset …

  • I can create the changes I need.
  • As I learn to release what holds me back I am welcoming the opportunity for new growth.
  • I am resourceful and can learn new things.
  • I am capable of facing challenges.
  • I am cultivating habits that help me flourish and grow.
  • I am choosing to value myself because I deserve self-compassion and love.
A young woman stands next to a white brick wall holding her hand gently to her chest in calm contemplation; photo by AJ_Watt via Canva.
photo via AJ_Watt/Canva
  • There are many things I can do to improve my day.
  • I am knowledgeable, capable, complex and nuanced; I am not defined by my past.
  • Rest is a necessary way to refuel my day; productivity is not a measure of my value.
  • My healing will take time; I trust in the process and look forward to where it may lead.
  • I can build emotional strength by showing myself compassion and love; I am enough.
  • I give myself permission to do what is right for me; I will create space for learning and personal development.

The affirmations above are designed to encourage better communication with our emotional health. Reciting them daily can build resiliency that sustains us through moments of doubt, weariness, difficulty or stress. Affirmations are a useful health and wellness resource that can bring much needed comfort; we all deserve to show ourselves kindness, patience and loving care.

Do you use affirmations? How are you taking care of your emotional well-being?

Further Info:

NAMI Helpline – a free, nationwide U.S. resource that offers experienced peer-support guidance and advice

CheckPoint – global (by country) resources for mental health support

47 thoughts on “Affirmations That Can Improve Your Mindset”

  1. Love these! I especially like “Rest is a necessary way to refuel my day; productivity is not a measure of my value.” I am trying to value rest more highly in my life. Thank you for sharing these – very inspirational!


  2. The affirmations listed are interesting. I have tried reciting affirmations in the past. Once I felt that it was self-talk, I stopped that. Affirmations do spur the mind to do things that looks daunting.


  3. Affirmations can really shift your mindset to one that is more positive. This is a great list! It will surely come in handy when I need some positive words to rewire my brain. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oooo these are good! I actually used to use an affirmation or two when I was much younger and quite shy, around when I started my first job. I think it made a difference. I used to love reading inspirational quotes too and I’d put some up in my room. You’re right about consistency – I think it’s worth a try for those who may be curious. I wouldn’t mind getting back into doing it. I love this one in particular – “Rest is a necessary way to refuel my day; productivity is not a measure of my value.”. That’s a big one for me in the last few years and I know so many of us seem to equate productivity with self-worth and being deserving or not.

    Caz xx


    1. It took me a long time to finally come around to using affirmations but they have definitely helped a lot. They’re a nice tool to use to maintain our emotional health (which can sometimes get overlooked). Thanks so much for reading!


  5. These are really great affirmations. I used to avoid using affirmations because I thought they were silly but slowly warmed up to using them. They really do make your day and mindset better.


  6. This is soo important to remember! I sometimes forget to say my affirmations for the day. But the ones you put on here are very powerful! I’m going to have to add a few to my list. Thank you so much for sharing! It is always good to make sure you have a positive mindset going in to each day so we can appreciate it that much more 🖤


  7. Thank you so much for sharing such lovely affirmations. It’s important to remind ourselves to be gentle, kind, and loving. I especially loved the last few that talked about self-growth, healing, and not being defined by your past.


  8. Lovely list of affirmations, Molly! I love them and I definitely needed to hear them. Especially this one resonated with me; ”I am choosing to value myself because I deserve self-compassion and love.” Thank you so much for sharing x Penny


  9. Thank you so much for sharing these affirmations!!
    This one was my favorite: There are many things I can do to improve my day. I haven’t been feeling that great mentally so I’ll be adding affirmations to my list of coping mechanisms.


  10. I love these affirmations! It’s a bit hard to accept them at the time, but you need to take the step forward for positive changes. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨


  11. Such an inspiring post! My favorite on this list is “I am cultivating habits that help me flourish and grow”. I love using affirmations in the morning to start my day on a positive note. Thank you for sharing x


  12. I adore ” I can build emotional strength by showing myself compassion and love; I am enough.” and have written this down in my planner to remind myself of this – thank you!


  13. These are all so helpful! Lovely post. I’m trying to absorb as much information as I can right now, as I redo all posts and optimise them properly for SEO! Keep trying to remind myself that I am capable and can do this x


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