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16 Organizations That Focus On Progress And Change

If you’re looking to donate resources, time, money or raise awareness about organizations and charities that work positively for change then this article includes some valuable suggestions. No matter where you are in the world, you can support the work they carry out. 

Being able to come together to assist others — sometimes the most vulnerable in society — can generate a profound impact on lasting change that creates a legacy of purpose and progress. Improving recognition of/access to things like justice and equality initiatives, human rights protections, clean water, mental health support, environmental action — or any other significant issues — is central to breaking down barriers.


This is not a comprehensive list — there are so many deserving organizations that work hard to become a positive beacon — but hopefully these suggestions will provide inspiration to explore further and recognize other programs to highlight and assist.

Here are 16 organizations and charities that focus on creating progress and change …

Dig Deep Water

What They Do: A staggering 2+ million people in America live without access to water in their homes; including basic amenities like sinks, baths and toilets. Through its community-led projects, advocacy and research; Dig Deep provides clean, hot and cold running water to those in need.

First Nations Development Institute

What They Do: Focusing on the improvement of economic conditions and opportunities of Native American nations and their communities; First Nations Development Institute provides assistance through a variety of training, grants and public education.

Gen-Z for Change

What They Do: This nonprofit adeptly makes use of social media to engage, educate and promote civil discourse and political action among its key demographic. By partnering with influencers, activists and celebrities, Gen-Z for Change covers topics like COVID-19, climate action, systemic inequity, foreign policy, voting rights and LGBTQ2S+ issues. It recently became trending news when Olivia Julianna (one of its strategists) brilliantly turned Republican Matt Gaetz’s fatphobic and misogynistic comments about her into 2+ million dollars worth of donations for abortion funds across the United States.

Center for Reproductive Rights

What They Do: As a global organization of lawyers and advocates, the Center for Reproductive Rights works to advance laws and policies around the world that safeguard and expand reproductive freedom; and the fundamental dignity, health equality and well-being it promotes.

A protester holds a sign that reads, ‘We Demand Justice & Changes; photo by Logan Weaver via Unsplash.
photo via Logan Weaver/Unsplash

Global Fund for Women

What They Do: With gender justice movements at its core, the Global Fund for Women focuses on feminist and grassroots organizations that provide social, economic and political change around the world. From crisis and innovation grants to disrupting harmful narratives; they aim to drive gender equality, equity and justice for all.

It Gets Better Project

What They Do: With a mission to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe; the It Gets Better Project uses inspiring media programming, educational resources and community-based international affiliates to promote and provide services to those most in need.

The Trevor Project

What They Do: This U.S.-based organization focuses on suicide prevention efforts for LGBTQ2S+ youth. Through a toll-free telephone number, The Trevor Project operates a confidential service with trained counselors to support those in crisis; its website also includes useful resources and information.

Teach and Transform

What They Do: Providing invaluable anti-bias and anti-racist academic materials for parents and teachers (and those generally interested in learning this for themselves); Teach and Transform aims to support social justice that understands and dismantles systemic racism and institutional oppression.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

What They Do: Dedicated to improving the lives of millions of Americans affected by mental illness; NAMI educates, advocates and helps individuals and families to live thriving and fulfilling lives by offering an extensive variety of mental health support.

Melanin & Mental Health

What They Do: Connecting individuals with culturally competent clinical support; Melanin & Mental Health serves the mental health needs of Black and Lantinx/Hispanic communities around the United States.

Useful Link: CheckPoint – global resources (by country) for mental health support
On the side of a red brick city building is a poster that reads, ‘How Are You, Really?'; photo by Finn via Unsplash.
photo via Finn/Unsplash

Innocence Project

What They Do: A legal organization that works within the U.S. to exonerate and free those wrongfully convicted; the Innocence Project is committed to building on its anti-racism advocacy to prevent future miscarriages of justice by helping to create a fair and equitable criminal justice system.

World Central Kitchen

What They Do: Responding directly to global humanitarian, climate or community emergencies; World Central Kitchen not only provides meals for the hungry, displaced and in need; it also aims to rebuild local food systems (and its economy) by employing local people and businesses as part of its lifesaving programs.

Amazon Frontlines

What They Do: Working with the A’i Kofan, Siona, Siekopai and Waorani Peoples to defend their rights to land, life and cultural survival; Amazon Frontlines aims to empower these Amazonian communities through programs that protect their environment — particularly from outside influences like logging and palm oil industries — and secure access to clean water.


What They Do: An international leader in championing disability rights; TASH focuses on creating and promoting inclusive communities through their outreach, research and resources — assisting parents, families and self-advocating individuals alike.  

Useful Link: National Disability Organizations and Resources (a diverse and inclusive list)

Mending Kids

What They Do: Offering surgical and medical aid to children around the world (and within the U.S.); Mending Kids sends health support volunteers and surgical teams to carry out specialized care in developing nations where certain procedures may be unavailable. 

Cancer Research Institute

What They Do: Cancer impacts so many people that finding new, innovative treatments that (hopefully) improve prognoses has become vital work. Based in New York, USA; the Cancer Research Institute is at the forefront of advancing one of the most promising cancer treatments of our time — immunotherapy — that helps the immune system to fight cancer.

No action is too small if we all pull together and decide we’re going to make a difference; offering support to any one of these initiatives will generate noticeable, positive social advancement. Finding what infuses meaning into our lives is made all the more consequential when we do something that encourages others — there is so much good already being done; adding to it is always worthwhile.

What charities or organizations do you support? Has this list motivated you to find ways to help others?

Further Info:

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26 thoughts on “16 Organizations That Focus On Progress And Change”

  1. Thanks for sharing these very helpful social support programs. I am a big advocate for programs like these. I support Mental help groups such as NAMI. I will be retweeting; hopefully, someone finds this blog helpful.


  2. Absolutely inspiring post. During Covid lockdown in India there were many people who volunteered to provide basic food and water to labourers and people in need. A group of Sikh community provided free ambulance service and also helped with burial rites. Watching them on tv, I realised that you don’t have to be a celebrity to do something good. You can do your bit from where you are and whatever is possible for you.


  3. Lovely list of organizations! There are many that I haven’t heard of and I’ll be definitely checking them out. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Molly x Penny


  4. This is such a great post. The research is clear for all to see; you managed to cover such a wide variety of issues. Loved reading it and thanks for sharing. xx Je


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