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Daily Focus: Uplifting Affirmations and Journal Prompts

Finding ways to introduce reminders about what is going well in life is far more important than we may realize. It’s all too easy to get caught up in perceived failures, challenges and mistakes; it turns out our brains are hardwired towards a negativity bias. The good news is there are some simple and beneficial things we can do …

Journaling can be a useful way to explore our feelings and document the experiences we have; helping us understand thoughts and personal events more clearly. Whether we write something down, create artwork or use various types of technology; working in a journal can support us in a number of ways, including:

  • finding clarity about confusing or difficult situations
  • calming challenging thoughts and emotions
  • spotting patterns of negativity
  • tracking life goals or mental health progress
  • celebrating moments of joy
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Another element of our well-being toolkit that we should make good use of is reciting daily affirmations. These surprisingly effective self-empowerment statements are not only easy to use they offer an opportunity to interrupt negative thinking and challenge toxic inner thoughts.

An affirmation represents a short statement that focuses on encouragement and allows us to consciously shift our mindset towards something more optimistic or emotionally nurturing. When we repeat them to ourselves, we’re helping to prioritise reassuring thoughts that build resiliency.

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It’s worth spending a bit of time each day focusing on what has (or can) go well. Personal reflection frequently reminds us about our capabilities and all the progress we’ve made. This is particularly valuable during times of frustration, stress or exhaustion (which is usually when emotional resiliency becomes more fragile).

It’s okay to celebrate ourselves and build up our own brand of self-supportive empathy. It doesn’t mean we ignore the hard stuff in life or the struggles we have; it’s an emotional and mental boost that’s right there if/when we need it.

Affirmations and Journal Prompts To Bring Some Positivity Into Your Day

  • I will continue to show myself kindness, compassion and consideration as I find new avenues to grow — I am a work in progress.
  • Write about some areas in your life where you have seen some personal growth; celebrate the steps you’ve taken so far.
  • I’m open to receiving love, joy and pockets of purpose; I deserve to live abundantly in this way.
  • Share one thing that provides a sense of direction in your life and how it has made a positive impact.
  • I believe in the good I can bring to myself and those around me.
  • How do you show support for other people? What positive things have you done for yourself today?
A woman with a closely shaved head wears a light brown bubble jacket as she writes in a journal; photo via George Milton/Pexels.
photo via George Milton/Pexels
  • I can be a beneficial source of motivation for myself; I will find ways to energize my mind, body and spirit today.
  • Write about three things you do to keep yourself motivated; share some encouragement and let yourself know that you’ve got this!
  • I am worthy of rest.
  • I can celebrate myself today; being my own cheerleader is an important part of finding joy.
  • Plan how you are going to celebrate yourself over the next week — achievements, funny stories, trips out, self-care, etc.
  • I have goals and dreams that I’m going to achieve.
  • I cherish the person I am becoming.
  • Share how you have changed/progressed from a year ago. What has been a positive driver for this change? Where do you hope this will lead?
  • I am resilient and capable; I can deal with any challenges that come my way.
  • Explore three different times you overcame difficulties and/or personal barriers; share what this taught you about yourself.
  • I am deserving of kindness and self-compassion; I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • Identify five things you do well (and/or enjoy); share how you acknowledge your talents and positive qualities.

These affirmations and journaling prompts are not a magic fix for all our worries, insecurities, stresses and problems; they are, however designed to become an effective resource to use within a wider self-care routine. On top of that, it’s encouraging and healthy to take some time to focus on uplifting our mindset; we’re allowed to establish a positive space for ourselves.

Which affirmation or journal prompt resonated the most with you? When was the last time you celebrated yourself? 

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30 thoughts on “Daily Focus: Uplifting Affirmations and Journal Prompts”

  1. Great post Molly! Affirmations are a powerful way to remind yourself of your strength and it’s a great practice for grounding yourself. I loved every single journal prompt here and I’m going to practice a few right now. Thank you for the suggestions!


  2. These affirmations and journal prompts are amazing! I’ve already written a few of these down and I’m definitely coming back for more!


  3. I do keep a gratitude journal (rather less regularly than I used to!) but I’ve not tried affirmations before. I like the, “I am resilient and capable; I can deal with any challenges that come my way.” one the best.


  4. These are great prompts and affirmations, Molly! I can attest to what a difference positive and uplifting self reflection can make. I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes I have to intentionally journal out some positive steps I’ve done that day/week to either just remind myself of it or to stop negative self talk from taking over.


  5. Affirmations are really great for shifting your mindset. I’ve come up with a few that I say to myself each morning during meditation. Love the affirmations and prompts you listed. Bookmarking for future references. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Daily positive affirmations are important for my mental health, these days I try to deviate from negative talks and from people. Reminder is always a good thing for all of us!


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