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Some notes on racial, social and environmental justice issues that have the potential to reshape our lives and the lives of others. Progress won’t happen unless we work for it.

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Background Image: A photo of a boarded up out of business grocery store at dusk taken by Wendell and Carolyn via Canva. Foreground Text in large black font reads, ‘The Right To Thrive: Eliminating Food Insecurity’.
Background Image: A photo by Karsten Würth of a field at dusk with renewable energy wind turbines and pink skies overhead. Foreground Text: What You Need To Know About Greenwashing and Climate Change.
Background: A photo from Canva user mbrand85 of a skyline cityscape of Kabul, Afghanistan. Foreground: A translucent grey circle with ‘How You Can Help Support Afghan Refugees’ written in white capital letters.
Background Image - A photo by Brett Whaley of a canoe floating through a Minnesota wild rice lake on a sunny day. Foreground Text - Indigenous & Environmental Justice: What You Need To Know About The Stop Line 3 Movement.

There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard. | Arundhati Roy

Background Image: an aerial drone photo of some icebergs floating the dark waters of the ocean. Foreground Image: A white rectangle text box has the words, ‘The Truth About Individual Accountability & Climate Action’ which is the title of the article on the site Transatlantic Notes.

Background image: A sepia photograph (taken in about 1910) of an unknown Native American child (aged about 1-2 years) wearing shelled and beaded traditional clothing. Foreground image: An almost transparent, white rectangle has the words, “How Non-Indigenous Allies Can Support Residential School Survivors”. This is a post by Transatlantic Notes.

Background image: A large rainbow Pride flag with the words “I love you this much” covers the entire front of a brick building. Foreground image: A white, translucent square has the words: “LGBTQ+ Businesses & Organizations to Support All Year Round” which is the title of an article on Transatlantic Notes.
A graphic link to an Advocacy and News post on Transatlantic Notes called Effective Allyship: What You Need To Know If You're Learning About Indian Residential Schools For The First Time.

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