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Black History Month: 5 Innovators You Need To Know About …

Black history is filled with people who innovated, educated, inspired, advocated and challenged. There are so many achievements (often despite significant oppression or personal danger) that have been the forerunners of shaping progress in the United States. Black history and those who created glorious moments of change have often gone unnoticed or spoken of all too quietly.

a photo montage showing Black History trailblazers Ida B. Wells, Phillis Wheatley and Bayard Rustin
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Black History Month: 5 Trailblazers You May Not Have Heard About …

February's Black History Month is a great time to expand our knowledge and understanding of the significant impact that Black Americans have had -- and continue to have -- in shaping this country. Often whitewashed or having its truths and perspectives misrepresented (sometimes deliberately), Black history in the United States is frequently viewed as a sidenote in a White narrative.

a photo montage of Black families and moments from Black history.
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Black History Month: A Greater Truth About American Society

There are many notable figures and achievements to study during February's Black History Month. But with no federal standards or requirements to teach Black history in the U.S. (only a small number of states mandate it) ... is America's reconciliation with its past actively progressive or performative?

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5 Of The Best Free Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers

As content creators, it's important to make sure that the visual elements included in our work help to generate engagement and interest and add to the overall experience we want our readers to have. The photos and graphics we use should be relevant to what we're sharing, high quality, accessible and inclusive.