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8 Beneficial Mental Health Writing Prompts

Depending on what's happening in our lives, it can sometimes be difficult to reflect on what we're working through and remind ourselves of how far it is we've actually come. We all need moments where we get to pause and celebrate what has gone well and consider any progress made, especially if we're in the middle of some kind of struggle.


Honey Garlic Herb Butter

This compound butter is great on roasted vegetables, potatoes, most kinds of meat (especially beef), firm white fish and salmon, it can even be stirred through pasta (add a little parmesan) to create a simple dinner. It also makes really good garlic bread ... the possibilities are endless!


Blossom & Bloom

What we say can have great impact. Words lead to beliefs. Beliefs lead to action. Action leads to change. And change leads to liberation. How we speak to ourselves, the way we talk to others and the thoughts and utterances that we deliver into the world have power.

Advocacy & News

[Un]Learning: Why We Should Challenge Tone Policing

Be aware of those who say “now is not the time”. Notice who decries “this is not the way”. Remember who wants you to change how you speak of injustice so that it’s more palatable for them to hear. Recognize who discredits your fears because they are not their own. Understand that all of this is just another way to demand your silence.