An up-close photo from Canva user CT757fan of a map showing Afghanistan and Kabul, its capital city.
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How You Can Help Support Afghan Refugees

As desperate scenes coming from Kabul Airport play out on the news and social media; terrified Afghan civilians are still trying to find refuge from the Taliban after they seized sweeping control over Afghanistan when U.S. troops began withdrawing from the country after a two-decade war.

A photo taken by Community Archives shows a window display at Belleville Public Library with ‘Every Child Matters’ written on orange paper surrounded by blue, yellow and red handprints. The display is in recognition and solidarity with First Nations People after the discovery of indigenous children’s mass graves found at Kamloops Residential School.
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How Non-Indigenous Allies Can Support Residential School Survivors

The search to discover the truth about Indigenous children who never made it home from Indian Residential Schools in Canada continues. As more unmarked graves of their young relatives are discovered, First Nation communities are at the forefront of pushing for accountability and justice.

A sepia photograph taken in about 1910 of an unknown Native American child (aged about 2-3 years) wearing shelled and beaded traditional dress over a faded out background of an old red brick building.
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Effective Allyship: What You Need To Know If You’re Learning About Indian Residential Schools For The First Time

If you’re learning about Indian Residential Schools in the U.S. and Canada for the first time; it’s critical you're cognizant of the fact that these systems of colonial violence deliberately inflicted intergenerational trauma on Indigenous communities. Navigating our own lack of knowledge about this type of government-backed, church-led atrocity should not be placed on the shoulders of those who bear its scars.

image by Andy Feliciotti showing the Capitol Building in D.C. at night with a yellow tape with the word 'caution' written on it in black lettering on a metal barrier in front of the building
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Fragile Democracy & The Capitol Riots

The significance of what happened three days ago, the attempted overthrow of the United States government by extremist Trump loyalists, was witnessed by the world in real-time. A violent band of domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol and, seemingly, were allowed to do so without meeting the immediate militarized policing that's rolled out anytime Indigenous, Black and Brown Americans peacefully protest to protect their lives.

A stack of medical face masks that we’re wearing to stop the spread of Covid-19. Photo via Canva/mykolasosiukin.
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Choose Compassion, Wear A Mask

If you can understand the universally-held science — and good manners — behind covering your mouth when you cough, then you can understand how wearing a mask in public, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, is an act of commonsense goodwill that could, potentially, save someone’s life.

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An Immigration Lifeline | Medical Deferred Action

Back in early August, without warning or public announcement, the Trump administration quietly introduced a change to the Medical Deferred Action program that allows migrant families to stay in the U.S. to receive life-saving medical care.

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The Consequences of a Revised ‘Public Charge’ Rule

As of October 15th, the Trump administration will be implementing a revised ‘public charge’ immigration rule that increases restrictions on those seeking permanent residency (a green card). Here’s what you need to know about how this refocused policy will affect legal immigration and the country as a whole …

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Reflections Of A Nation: Mass Shootings In America

I feel a tiredness and ache taking up space within my shoulders that tightens as I struggle to find a way to articulate what I feel about the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. And I notice it’s because I cannot rationalise the violence that happened over the weekend, and nor do I wish to.