Creative notes to express the feelings and experiences that connect us to each other and help us explore our humanity.

This is a collection of my poetry …

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A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ‘Better Times Ahead’ reads as follows: “Sunkissed days are not over when the frost of winter comes. The nourishment of root and bloom, unseen, is never done. The storms and cold will calm in time as warmth arrives once more. New growth will flourish, renewed again, of this you can be sure.”
If you share my work/poetry, please give credit and tag my Instagram or link back to this page and please do not remove my name from my work. Thank you.

If you share my work, please give credit and tag my Instagram or link back to this page. Thank you.

Vol.4 – Voyager

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voyager | a reminder | listen when you need it most | midnight | there is only now | blossom & bloom | finding your way | after the rain | more to come | when change comes | better times ahead | coming soon

Vol.3 – Sustenance

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liberation | soul work | inner voice | i am/you are | dusk & dawn | weaving | bloom | changes | sustenance | connections | kindness | healing

Vol.2 – Compass

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things unsaid | languages of love + nature | meadows | accountability | once wished for | life’s art | adrift | traveller | waves | you’ll be okay | abundance | reimagining

Vol. 1 – Footsteps

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revolution | roots | those who shine | gratitude | an encounter | seasoned love/spring | approval not required | privilege | footsteps | flowering | effective humanity | allyship