a photo of a protest sign that reads, "it's a privilege to eduate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it"
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Confronting Implicit Bias & The Racism That Fuels It

If we’re committed to being an anti-racist and not just an ally (yes, there is a nuanced difference) then we have to make a conscious effort to unpack our own racism -- which can be really uncomfortable -- and remove the barriers we unconsciously put up when we're made aware that something we've said, done or shared is racist.

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Implicit Bias & Anti-Racism

One thing we must do if we are actively committed to anti-racism and the unlearning that this vital work requires is being able to fully examine our own personal implicit biases. Individual racism isn’t just about torch burning or hate-filled violence. It’s also about tackling the quiet, often unquestioned perceptions that uphold racist systems, attitudes, behaviours and actions.