A crowd at a Black Lives Matter march
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Confronting Implicit Bias & The Racism That Fuels It

If we’re committed to being anti-racist and not just an ally (yes, there is a nuanced difference) then we have to engage in a conscious effort to unpack our own racism; eliminating the barriers we unconsciously put up when we're made aware that something we've stated, shared or done is racist.

A black and white photo of a protestor holding a sign that reads: Dear White People, When A Black Person Tells You Something Is Offensive Or Racist, You Don't Get To Say It's Not! Listen! Photo by Jakayla Toney.
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Doing The Work: Tackling Implicit Bias

If we're actively committed to anti-racism, we must carry out the work to unlearn and critically examine our personal implicit bias. Individual racism isn’t merely about torch burning or hate-filled violence; it’s also about tackling the quiet, often unquestioned perceptions that uphold racist systems, attitudes, behaviours and actions.

A white desk with an open laptop, brown notebook and white mug on a coaster.
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10 Writing Prompts To Focus On Effective Allyship

Writing prompts can help give us content ideas or alleviate writer’s block when it strikes, but they can also be an opportunity to pause and reflect. We can use them to practice gratitude but also challenge ourselves to examine how we practice our humanity.