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Listen When You Need It Most …

Anxiety, stress, depression or grief sometimes would have you believe that the weight of what you are holding is too much to carry, that you will break if you dare to begin to release what sits so heavy on your soul.

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How Do You Show Yourself Love?

Let’s face it, saying that life has its ups and downs is putting it mildly. A more accurate descriptor would be that there are cycles of advancement and regression, reworking and awakening, unpleasantness and pleasure, even chaos and calm -- with many other experiences in-between -- that may make it difficult, at times, to show ourselves some kindness and understanding.

Everyday Lifestyle

Seeing Ourselves As We Are …

Success should be defined by a set of self-identified goals that help us create our own, individual growth and forward momentum. If we measure our life's accomplishments against those of other people, not only do we set ourselves up for failure, we rob ourselves of the ability to understand our own value.


TN Poetry | Healing

Many different life events, challenges or changes can carry an emotional weight that’s difficult to process. Working through something that’s created a loss in our lives can be nuanced, complex and fluid. There is no correct way to be or timetable to work from when experiencing something that requires acceptance or healing.