A starry sky at midnight visable over some fir trees in shadow. Photo by Wil Stewart via Unsplash


Sometimes the stillness of midnight, even when you can't sleep, can be where you receive moments of rest to quiet your mind. Take some time to breathe in and exhale. Settle into the knowledge that tomorrow is a fresh start with renewed energy and the possibility of a clearer perspective.

A heavy mist hangs over the tops of trees in a forest.
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Listen When You Need It Most …

Anxiety, stress, depression or grief periodically would have you believe the weight of what you're holding is too much to carry; that you will break if you dare to begin to release what sits so heavy on your soul.

Everyday Lifestyle, Self-Care & Well-Being

How Do You Show Yourself Love?

Let’s face it, saying that life has its ups and downs is putting it mildly. A more accurate descriptor would be that there are cycles of advancement and regression, reworking and awakening, unpleasantness and pleasure, even chaos and calm -- with many other experiences in-between -- that may make it difficult, at times, to show ourselves some kindness and understanding.


TN Poetry | Voyager

Life can be a storm you can see coming that you get to prepare for or it can be a sudden deluge that takes you by surprise and leaves you scrambling for cover. It can be clouds that are heavy and dark with ominous energy or it can be clear, fresh air with the promise of new sunshine.

As rain falls, raindrops form on dark green leaves. Photo by Dark Journey on Pexels.

Healing …

Many different life events, challenges or changes can bear an emotional weight that’s difficult to process. Navigating through something that’s created a loss in our lives can be nuanced, complex and fluid.


TN Poetry | Kindness

Life can be heavy. It can weigh us down. There are times when we cannot hide the sting of hot tears or anger, desperation, anxiety or depression. We sometimes feel the fight is waning or that we might reach the end of being able to hold on.

Everyday Lifestyle, Poetry, Self-Care & Well-Being

Where Love Begins …

How we express love for someone can be as unique as we are. Some of us are physically affectionate, some are verbally affirming. Some reveal their love through thoughtfulness and small acts of kindness and care throughout the day. Some may rarely communicate it, but then say or do something profound every once in a while. Some may even seem to not show it at all.


TN Poetry | Changes

Sometimes changes come unannounced. Sometimes they manifest after careful planning. Some are the result of perseverance and hard work while others blindside you. Changes can be life-affirming and transformative or disruptive and life-altering in ways you hoped to never experience.