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Reflections of Strength

Since I wrote '10 Journaling Prompts', I've been thinking about one particular idea that I included in the article that resonated so deeply with me, I've been reflecting on the answer ever since. The prompt was ... What, in your opinion, is strength?

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Essential Life Advice

Advice comes in many forms. Some of it will be sought after and welcomed, while at other times it will be unsolicited and nonsensical. We can choose whether we implement this shared wisdom or whether we ignore it — but there will be a few times in our lives when the advice we receive becomes integral to how we live.

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5 Things To Consider Before Getting Into A Long Distance Relationship

If you’re thinking of getting into a long distance relationship (LDR) with someone, you should probably consider these 5 things before you do …

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Self-Care: How To Deal With Toxic People

An important part of self-care is to not allow negativity from outside influences to take up space within yourself and control or manipulate your spirit and self-determination.