A black and white photo of a protestor holding a sign that reads: Dear White People, When A Black Person Tells You Something Is Offensive Or Racist, You Don't Get To Say It's Not! Listen! Photo by Jakayla Toney.
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Doing The Work: Tackling Implicit Bias

If we're actively committed to anti-racism, we must carry out the work to unlearn and critically examine our personal implicit bias. Individual racism isn’t merely about torch burning or hate-filled violence; it’s also about tackling the quiet, often unquestioned perceptions that uphold racist systems, attitudes, behaviours and actions.

A graphic link to a Transatlantic Notes called "This Is Unlearning In Action"
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This is Unlearning Racism in Action

The purpose of [un]·learning isn't about forgetting what you know, or about being wrong, it's a conscious move towards critically examining what influences our expectations, behaviours and beliefs -- about ourselves and other people -- and seeks to challenge what may explicitly or implicitly lie behind them.