A close-up photo by Molly from Transatlantic Notes of her umami mushroom, spinach & pesto sandwich. The pesto and balsamic drizzle ooze over the mozzarella, tomatoes and mushroom/spinach mix.

The Ultimate Umami Mushroom, Spinach & Pesto Sandwich

This sandwich is stacked with juicy, delicious flavours that combine to deliver the ultimate vegetarian umami experience. There's no neat and tidy way to eat this, you've just got to dive right in and relish each tasteful layer.

On a white table is a white dinner plate, grey napkin with spoon and fork on it, a small white plate and a small brown bowl.
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8 Foods You Think Are Vegan — But Aren’t

Being able to figure out what foods are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, at first glance, may seem really easy. We often assume that certain foods, snacks, cereals, ingredients or drinks are free from animal products or are entirely plant-based, which can lead to some unintended surprises …