On a large, thick wooden tray is a serving dish filled with delicious roasted butternut squash with sage butter; a recipe available on Transatlantic Notes.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Sage Butter

With the addition of pine nuts, nutmeg and honey; this Fall recipe for roasted butternut squash contains layers of delicate, seasonal flavours that help to create a side dish most people will want to pile onto their plates.

On a large wooden platter is a breakfast burrito made by Molly from Transatlantic Notes. Cut in half and stacked on top of each other, you can see the delicious contents of crispy shredded potato and thick, fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese, green peppers and tomato.

The Ultimate Breakfast Burrito

If you’re looking for a breakfast that keeps you going until lunchtime or you want a special weekend treat to start your day, try out this recipe for the ultimate breakfast burrito!

a slice of transatlantic notes' roasted vegetable lasagna rests on a large silver spatula on a small grey plate

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

What's not to love? It's a vegetarian lasagna! Comforting, delicious and packed full of flavour, you really can't go wrong when making this for dinner and sharing it with family and friends ...

a close up photo of transatlantic notes' mediterranean style tomato & chickpea baked eggs in a casserole dish on a rustic wooden tray

Mediterranean Style Tomato & Chickpea Baked Eggs

Ideal for a shared hearty brunch, this recipe for baked eggs with a spiced tomato and chickpea sauce is easy to make and super delicious. Accompany it with some crusty bread or a salad to fuel your day! For a vegan option either leave out the eggs or add your choice of pan-fried mushrooms, tofu or roasted vegetables ...

red and yellow onions in a wooden bowl set on a table

Onion, Feta & Honey Tart

If you're looking for something savory to bake that not only tastes absolutely amazing but also hits all your food aesthetic dreams, this is the tart for you! It's deceptively straightforward to create and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

A thick balsamic vinegar sauce is being drizzled onto a large empty white shallow bowl.

Balsamic & Herb Dipping Vinaigrette

This recipe is truly versatile because you can use it as a dipping sauce for your favourite fresh, crusty bread or as a vinaigrette dressing for salads, roasted veggies or roasted chicken/beef. It’s delicious during these hot summer months and is incredibly easy to make.


Pumpkin Cake Roll

This seasonal recipe for Pumpkin Roll is easier than you may think and has a really fresh, airy and not overly sweet spiced pumpkin flavour. It’s a perfect Fall treat that tastes as delicious and as impressive as it looks!

A photo by Ella Olsson of a spicy peanut sauce surrounded by rolled fresh vegetables.

Spicy Peanut Sauce

This delectable spicy peanut sauce can be used for meat or vegetable stir-fries, satay-style curries, salad dressings, marinades or dips …