Photo by Marcus Spiske of a climate action protester holding a sign that reads: Planet Over Profit.
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The Truth About Individual Accountability & Climate Action

As individuals, we've been urged to do our bit to help combat climate change. By adjusting our everyday habits to use less plastic, reduce food waste and try out cleaner/greener energy, for example; we can become part of the solution. But are these actions enough?

photo of a kitchen counter by becca tapert
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9 Easy Ways To Reduce Household Waste

Reducing household waste can seem like an inconvenience or something that requires specialized skills to do effectively. The truth is there are many ways to decrease the amount of refuse we accumulate and throw away that doesn’t require much prior planning or knowledge.

reusable bags on a table that are alternatives to single use plastic grocery bags
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4 Ways To Reduce Single-Use Plastic

We should all be concerned about the environment, our impact on it, and climate change. We must act now by making adjustments in our everyday lives and work urgently to get community, corporate and political leaders to take action, on our behalf, to protect the planet.