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Connection (A Poem): Cultivating the Love You Deserve

Whether it comes from those around us or it's something that emanates from within and shows ourselves compassion and care; love endures as a way to establish strong connections. It can be a source of happiness and joy but also a way to tap into our purpose, communicate belonging and also bring about a sense of security.

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Affirmations & Journaling

How To End Your Day With Positive Affirmations

Saying positive affirmations before going to bed can help calm our minds, reduce stress levels and promote a more optimistic and encouraging outlook for the next day; they can also help reinforce a sense of self-empowerment.

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Climate Action

A Better Understanding of Climate-Friendly Energy

Reducing our reliance on finite fossil fuels that negatively impact the environment has increased our awareness of renewable energy sources. Recognizing how they fit into an eco-friendly future that protects our planet is key to developing a sustainability mindset.  

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News + Advocacy

Celebrating Women’s History: The Power of Storytelling

In the USA, UK and Australia, Women's History Month is celebrated throughout March; an opportunity to recognize and learn about women's contributions and accomplishments both past and present that shaped and/or spearheaded countrywide and worldwide cultural and societal progress.

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Transatlantic Life

The Best Books For A Winter Reading List

There's never a bad time to get into reading a new book; however, it always seems to feel particularly gratifying to get stuck into a literary adventure during the long, cold stretch of winter months — especially if some of the stories we're exploring have winter-themed elements.

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News + Advocacy

Trailblazers in Black Resistance You Need To Know About

The theme for Black History Month in the United States this year is 'Black Resistance'; a chance to discover and celebrate those who advocated for and defined how liberty, justice and equitable living should nurture and protect Black lives in this country. There's much progress yet to be made in the fight against ongoing racial discrimination; this is why it's essential we learn (all year round) from the trailblazers who've shaped this work so far.

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Transatlantic Life

Climate Action: The Urgent Need For A Sustainability Mindset

A sustainability mindset is one that focuses on the long-term goals of environmental justice and progressive climate action. It's thinking and acting in a way that promotes and supports beneficial practices that protect and conserve the health and future prosperity of our planet.

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News + Advocacy

6 Reasons Why Understanding Feminism Is So Valuable

If you support equality and equity or believe both should be a driving force within any society, then feminism has to be included. Most people want to live in and benefit from a fair and just world but when the word 'feminism' is mentioned, it still evokes some disapproval — often because of clichéd misconceptions.