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Moments of Rest: Poetic Lessons From Nature

Nature is a very valuable teacher; depending on what we’re seeking, the natural world can remind us about finding balance, connection and growth. Nature can be a form of therapy; reducing stress and improving our mental mindset — there is so much we can learn from everything around us. 

It’s during this time, when the snow eases and the flowers and fragrance of spring are on their way, that we can reflect on what the cold hush of snowfall has revealed; the lessons nature conveys are right there for us to observe and contemplate. Snow slows everything down, providing an opportunity to take our time; sounds become muffled and tranquil — winter is prompting us to rest and prepare for the restoration that’s on its way. 

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called, 'Moments of Rest' that reads: I appreciate the gentle quiet that the snow brings as it settles, it’s like nature is reminding us to slow down and rest; to find comfort.

The weather of winter, including snow, has a lot of symbolism attached to it; from patient progress as we pursue our goals to resiliency and renewal; even change, rebirth and death. Its figurative versatility is probably dependent on what we’re experiencing or seeking at the time it begins to fall; how we relate to it connects deeply to what we need to discover.

A season of blustery ice and snowfall can be difficult for many of us, but if we choose to see beyond any discomfort it may bring, there is an opportunity to recognize that we will flourish again; warmth and growth are on their way. Learning to rest when we need to is a valuable life lesson; nature undoubtedly represents a significant teacher. 

If you experience winter snow, what does it represent for you? Do you spend time in nature to relax and restore yourself?

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56 thoughts on “Moments of Rest: Poetic Lessons From Nature”

  1. Just beautiful and nurturing ❤️ Knowing and reconnecting with nature’s cycles can be so healing. I find it sad that the weather is all mixed up right now… it has such a huge impact on our well-being 🧡


  2. What a beautiful piece! Nature is truly the best teacher. One of my favorite quotes is by Lao Tzu and it goes “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” It’s a great reminder to slow down.


  3. Lovely article. I agree, people tend to complain about the cold, snowy weather because it’s inconvenient. I look at it as a time to slow down and reflect. Especially now that I moved somewhere that doesn’t get much snow, I miss those opportunities and actively seek them out during winter months if I can.


  4. I love snow for many of the reasons you’ve shared. I especially love the peacefulness and quiet that it brings. Since we aren’t really used to it where I live, it tends to shut things down and cause a bit of chaos, but beyond that I do appreciate the way nature can help us slow down and reflect 🙂


  5. Learning to rest and not to quite is definitely something I should consider, love the way you put it together with nature💛


  6. This was a beautiful post and much needed after receiving some bad news. Thank you for easing my soul just a bit! I do not experience snow, as I live in Florida. However, during the spring months leading into the summer, we do experience a lot of rain which forces me to go with the flow and take it easy. Rainy days on the couch in a dimly lit room with candles are my fave! Thank you for sharing. P.S. just followed you on Instagram 🙂


    1. I am so glad you liked this! I love that even the rain teaches you/us something (I really like how you have connected to it in terms of going with the flow, etc). I am sorry to hear you have had some bad news; whatever it is I am sure things will improve (even if it looks like they can’t/won’t). You will flourish in the end!

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  7. What a lovely read, the weather really is taken for granted sometimes. I had never really thought about the fact of when it snows there is actually a quietness that comes with it. Thank you for this molly x


  8. This is a beautiful post! Just reading it I felt peaceful. I love the snow and find it to be very cozy and relaxing- I love the hush that falls over everything and watching it lazily come down. I am ready for spring currently, but I love the changing of seasons in general!


  9. I personally do not like winter. But watching snow fall from the comfort of ones home can be therapeutic. However, I Love nature. I was born on an island. Nature is our connection to the creator. It’s one of the best mental healthy booster.


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