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Renovation: A Poem About Transformation And Healing

When we go through challenges and changes, and set the pieces of ourselves back together, we have the opportunity to emerge as a transformed version of ourselves. Learning new ways of being takes time, care and understanding; if we are to heal and move forward, we should nourish and celebrate how we are evolving. 

This is not to say that personal growth is without difficulties and setbacks, especially after trauma or upheaval; making sense of how we move forward and walk a renewed path can remain a gradual process. But do not be afraid to keep going; let the world around you know that you are healing and working on finding fresh purpose. 

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called, ’ Renovation’ that reads: You are allowed to reintroduce yourself to the universe as you heal. The pieces you put back together; transformed, have much to reveal.

Growth and healing can be uncomfortable, awkward and stressful. But given time, if we hold on to what it teaches us, we can survive what comes our way; even establishing a restored version of ourselves that carries us towards the love and joy that is on the other side of personal renovation.

Are you looking after yourself as you heal? What changes are you making in your life to move forward?

Further Info:

NAMI Helpline – a free, nationwide U.S. resource that offers experienced peer-support guidance and advice

CheckPoint – global (by country) resources for mental health support

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60 thoughts on “Renovation: A Poem About Transformation And Healing”

  1. Last year was really hard for me for several reasons. These last few months I took my time to take care of my mental health and heal. I decided to do things I love and take enough time to rest. Self care should be our number one priority. I love how you summarised in two sentences the importance of prioritizing self care and self discovery. While trying to heal you also learn new things about yourself, you grow wiser and stronger.


    1. I’m so glad to hear that you have prioritized your self-care; you’re right that it is so important for our overall health. I’m definitely at the early stages of this for myself but I am going to make sure that I work on my healing — thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts!


    1. 100%! I feel like healing isn’t recognized enough as a journey that evolves and transforms throughout our lives so I wanted to try and encapsulate the idea that’s it’s okay to be working on it. I’m so glad you liked this poem — thank you so much for reading!


  2. Adversity is definitely an opportunity to learn and evolve. Although, sometimes in the moment it’s hard to see that.
    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. That’s what they say. What they don’t say is how tough & sometimes long that process is from surviving it, to us being made stronger for it. You summed it up beautifully in this poem.


  3. This is a lovely poem. Since my work accident and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome I am now a different version of me. I am not like I was but it doesn’t have to be a negative, I am just a new me. Thank you for sharing.



  4. What a beautiful piece. Thank you so much for sharing! Any time I am about to evolve or elevate in some way, I always encounter a difficult roadblock. There’s always a lesson before a blessing.


  5. Beautiful poem Molly. In the past I neglected self-care, pushing on regardless. More recently I am putting myself first and taking better care of myself – it is okay to not feel well, for example. I still have a lot to learn though.


  6. Beautiful. “You are allowed to reintroduce yourself” I love that line so much. Often we get so stuck in the right now that we forget to grow and love ourselves. We want to be the way that others expect us to be without thinking of what our souls need


  7. It never feels like it, but difficulties make way for so much beauty… The opportunity to rebuild ourselves is the very thing, i think, that makes our life stories so beautiful!

    Thank you for writing this beautiful piece…

    – 💕 Alissa Ackerman | Fashion-Philosophy Blogger


  8. What a lovely poem, Molly. So succinct and so spot on, and something we all should remember and live by. I’ve printed it out and pinned it to the noticeboard in my office – thank you so much for sharing. x


  9. Beautiful poem Molly! Thanks for sharing with us. I think this year I’m definitely looking after my health more this year and I feel it will help me come to terms and move forward with the things I can do and not focus on what I can no longer do.


    1. I’m so happy you like the poem — I am feeling much the same as you are and will be focusing on a the themes of health and healing this year. Moving forward from things that no longer serve us or help us in any way is so important so I wish you all the best with that!


  10. Such a great poem! I really love that you emphasized that we are allowed to reintroduce ourselves, sometimes change can be so difficult for ourselves it’s difficult and scary to show to the world. Thanks for sharing x


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