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Meadows: A Poem About Compassionate Love

Compassionate love doesn’t shy away during challenge, sadness and struggle; in fact, it’s during these moments that it reflects most true. Giving and receiving this kind of love, especially when times are tough can make a difference to our emotional well-being.

It’s not reliant on the good times, nor is it given only when happiness is present; it’s faithful not fair-weather, it’s encouraging and kind. Compassionate love carries us through to the better times ahead and bolsters our ability to cope when things fall apart. We should remind someone we love them in this way and be open to receiving this kind of support for ourselves …

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called, ’Meadows’ that reads: My love for you isn’t conditional or only for when the sun shines; it’s a blossoming, full love; it’s luminous during dark times. I am your shelter, I am your soul, I am your peaceful rest and repose. I am a blossoming, full love of endless flower-filled meadows.

There is an element of loving in this way that requires us to give something of ourselves (a listening ear, emotional support or physically caring for someone, etc.); which is why we should always build resiliency through consistent practices of self-care that enable us to love others in this way when the time comes.

We don’t base compassionate love on what we can get in return; but the beauty of its giving is that it will find its way to us when we need it most. It teaches us that warmth, comfort and understanding are more enduring than we may assume; it germinates healing and growth in a cycle that expands well beyond what we can perceive. 

How do you express your compassionate love for those around you?

Further Info:

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57 thoughts on “Meadows: A Poem About Compassionate Love”

  1. Well written post. The poem is deep. You are so right, compassionate love is not a reflection on what we can get in return; it’s not transactional. It is pure and freely given, especially during the tough times.


  2. A beautiful poem! Self care is so important when trying to care for those around you. Even more so when those you are trying to care for in darker times aren’t receptive. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I’ve always had a tendency to but others before myself, helping my friends when they were in need, but I think that was more because of my people-pleasing issue. I think I do something similar with my compassionate love, I just don’t do it at the cost of myself anymore


  4. I enjoyed reading this very much. I love the buildup in the first four lines and the flourish in the last five. That’s just the style; the poem itself is brilliant too. Thanks for sharing.


  5. This is so beautiful and so true! Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. There are going to be hard times. There are going to be struggles. But the people who truly love you will stand by your side and help you fight through the darkness to find your way back to the light again. They are also the ones that you can enjoy celebrating with when you reach that high once again!


    1. Exactly! The truly tough times in life are painful but there is compassionate love that can carry us through. It’s an incredible way to express love and kindness to those who love us in the same way back. Thanks for reading!


  6. Oh I wish I would have read this yesterday! It would have been so fitting for a conversation with a loved one that I’ve been trying to communicate this exact message to. I think it’s so important to remember that all relationships will go through darker periods, but that doesn’t mean the love fades. This is an encouragement to me today 🙂


  7. Just a beautiful poem! Love the use of the word luminous in this context, too. Times are hard right now, but words like this forever help.


  8. This is so soft, kind, and lovely to the soul’s senses. I like the experience I get from reading your words. Thank you for sharing this piece of you 💜


  9. Such a beautiful poem and hold such truth! You always give a piece of yourself when loving but also that it’s not something transactional. Really loved the middle verses!


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