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Finding Our Path: Rise Up (A Poem)

Every so often, the loudest voices around us are the ones that sow division; seeking to silence, outcast or censor people and perspectives that expand our knowledge, awareness and acceptance of others (or ourselves).

It doesn’t require significant acts of heroism to display personal courage. Bravery can be expressed in any number of ways, including: leaving something behind that has held us back; standing tall to let the world see us as we are; or even allowing self-compassion to lead us toward progress and away from fear. Additionally, it can be something as simple as perseverance, despite any number of odds stacked against us.

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called, ’Rise Up’ that reads: It takes boldness to remain open, kind and encouraged in a world that tells so many not to flourish. Stay determined, take up space, rise up despite the fear; believe in your voice, persist — persevere.

And nothing is quite as challenging as navigating other people’s preconceived ideas or societal conventions that hope we make ourselves small or stay within the lines of expectation. Forging our own path, thriving or celebrating who we are — creating intentional joy along the way — is essential to discovering our place in the world. Claim it with determination and resiliency.

Do you set boundaries that protect your mental and emotional health? How do you show up for others? What advice do you have about embracing life?

Further Info:

This is part of my M.T.N Poetry Collection. If you share my poetry on social media, please tag my Instagram and/or link to my Poetry Page; do not edit my work or remove my name or website. If you wish to use my poetry in any other way, please contact me to ask for permission so that information regarding terms of usage can be provided. Thank you.

36 thoughts on “Finding Our Path: Rise Up (A Poem)”

  1. I fell in love with this poem the moment I saw it on IG! It’s so powerful and conveys such a great message with just a few words. Thank you for the reminder to take up space and persist despite our fears.


  2. Don’t hide your shine or diminish your worth to fit into the predefined box that society places us in. Take heart and have courage to show up and be seen in all your wondrous glory.
    A beautiful poem and reminder to us all. Thanks for sharing, Molly.


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