Voyager: Navigating Essential Life Advice (A Poem)

The ups and downs of our existence can sometimes leave us feeling a little lost; searching for something that encourages us to make sense of all the challenges, changes and emotional complexities that we experience.

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A Poem About Living Abundantly: A Journey

An abundant life is one fueled by the nourishment of our mental, emotional and physical well-being. It's establishing that love, intentional joy and purpose doesn't solely come from who or what we surround ourselves with; it's the inner work that cares for our needs when we experience the ups and downs, successes and struggles that life typically cycles through.   

two light pink protea flowers on a table with a white background (protea flowers symbolize transformation and change
Affirmations & Journaling

Quotes For Life, Love & Transformation

Every so often life creates challenges, roadblocks and difficulties -- but it can also reveal opportunities, fresh starts and alternative perspectives. Change of any kind can be difficult to navigate, leaving us uncertain or in need of some motivation that uplifts us.

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Health + Wellness

5 Quotes To Help Take Care of Your Emotional Health

Words of wisdom and shared knowledge can often refocus our attention on taking care of our emotional well-being. No matter what we’re working through or looking to heal from, sometimes we might need a little help or motivation.