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Affirmations & Journaling

11 Important Life Quotes From Books You Should Read

Reading books can be a powerful way to learn life lessons. They teach us about different cultures, histories and perspectives that help nurture understanding and compassion. Shared stories offer insights into human behaviour with the potential to open us up to exploring our own experiences and emotions. 

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Blogging Tips

8 Things That Help Make Your Blog Post Great

Those of us who blog — whether it's for business, a side hustle or a passion project — we all want to make sure what we're sharing engages our readers and is something we can be proud of. No matter how we measure it; there's no magic formula to ensure success, but there are a few things we can include that give our blog post writing a boost.

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Hidden Strength and Survival: A Path Forward (A Poem)

The ups and downs of life form part of the experiences that influence, shape and guide us. Challenges and disappointments — even the ones that set us adrift or scrambling for stable ground — can gift us the ability to learn and grow. What tests us the most often develops resiliency, strength and problem-solving skills that help us navigate our future.

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Climate Action

How To Make Sure Our Consumerism Is Sustainable

As the world evolves and technology advances, the way in which we approach consumerism is constantly changing. From online shopping and mobile banking/payments to faster and more accessible delivery options; our ability to obtain goods and services with more ease and frequency is often at odds with the indisputable need for ethical and sustainable products.

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Affirmations & Journaling, Transatlantic Life

The Best End of Year Guided Reflection Journal Prompts

It's commonplace at this time of year to look back on the past twelve months and assess all the things we have overcome, achieved and learned. Depending on what life threw at us; yearly retrospectives can sometimes be relatively difficult to work through, but they're worth the effort if we're really intentional about wanting to move forward with purpose.

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Transatlantic Life

Life Abroad: How To Connect With Home During The Holidays

Moving to live, work or study abroad is a big deal. It opens us up to fresh experiences and knowledge that can enrich but also challenge us; with many opportunities to learn, reinvent and grow. But as is sometimes the case in life, there are occasional tradeoffs with the less positive aspects; one of which is missing home.

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News + Advocacy

The Ultimate Way To Give Back: 15 Charities To Support

Regardless whether or not you take part in holidays and observances, like Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Christmas or Kwanzaa; this time of year is often an opportunity to focus on giving back, spreading kindness and showing love.

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Climate Action

Life In The Ocean: Protecting What Sustains Us

Oceans cover just over 70 percent of the Earth's surface; it's no exaggeration to state that these expanses of water are vital for our continued survival. The seas on our planet provide food, economic stability and generate most of the oxygen we breathe — when climate change disrupts and threatens oceanic life; it endangers all living things (including us).