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Mental Health Matters: Listen When You Need It Most

When we experience anxiety, stress, depression or grief; we can often feel weighed down by what we’re struggling to work through. It can seem like we will break if we dare to release what sits so heavy on our soul.

Every so often this is the boldest voice we hear; distrusting our own ability to deal with what challenges us. We can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, but we must not fall into the loneliness of silence; we can (and should) speak up when we need it most. There are people around us with broad shoulders and boundless love ready to remind us of all the goodness and value we hold. 

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called, ’Listen When You Need It Most’ that reads: Do not believe the whispers; do not fear the cascade. Let it roar fierce and shifting; let it rumble on and fade. Know that it returns sometimes; know you can survive. You are made of forests green; you are lush and destined to thrive. Listen when you need it most; listen when kindness flows. Root yourself in gifted love; root yourself where it grows. It’s there that it will quiet; it’s there where you can breathe. You’ll find the sunlight shining; you’ll find your own reprieve.

I composed this poem when I was working through some intense situational depression; a time where it became increasingly challenging to remember that beauty and joy are always present — and will flourish again. Many of us experience this (for a myriad of reasons); so no matter what you’re currently enduring — these words are for you.   

What words of encouragement have helped you? How do you show yourself love during times of stress, anxiety or depression?

Further Info:

NAMI Helpline – a free, nationwide U.S. resource that offers experienced peer-support guidance and advice

CheckPoint – global (by country) resources for mental health support

How To Cope With Anxiety – Healthline

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64 thoughts on “Mental Health Matters: Listen When You Need It Most”

  1. I live with PTSD and every day is a guess as to how i’ll feel emotionally, but the best advice i ever got was: you can’t pour from an empty cup!


  2. This poem speaks to me so much. I have had moments of intense anxiety and you’ve captured the essence of that feeling. The inspiration that flows from your words makes this a poem I need to remember. Absolutely beautiful.


  3. I really enjoyed this poem, Molly. The hardest thing is reaching out when you’re most in need. Sometimes it’s cultural and sometimes it’s because you don’t want to look like you can’t handle things. I love thee last sentence just before the poem, “There are people around us with broad shoulders and boundless love ready to remind us of all the goodness and value we hold” It’s something that we all need to remember. Great advice!


    1. I remember feeling this way and not reaching out or even talking about that was impacting me. I believed that nobody wanted to hear it or be burdened by what I was struggling with; I found quite the opposite when I finally did. There are many barriers to asking for help; not least the ones we put in front of ourselves, so it’s always good to have people around us who will know some of the signs to look out for and ask us how we’re doing. It should never just be on us to ask for help but I hope that this reminds people that what’s on the other side is not as bad as we may think. You’re 100% correct that reaching out is really hard; hopefully this becomes fully understood and people become less worried about looking out for each other. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  4. These are some lovely lines, Molly. I used to work for a confidence coach and she always maintained we should speak to our self as if we were speaking to a friend, sage advice that’s always stuck with me.


    1. Music can be so powerful and a great way to help through stress for many people. I know when I struggle with depression I end up not being able to listen to it; but in that way it helps to signal that things are getting bad — which is itself a useful mental health tool (awareness). Thanks for reading!


  5. I love this poem Molly. I have had many dark times in my life and at times have struggled to get through it. This poem spoke to me in many ways. To ensure I don’t relapse, I make sure I journal every day, meditate, pray and connect with nature. Thanks for sharing. Jade MumLifeandMe


  6. I’m going through bad times right now because I have a different opinion from my parents. I had a great time reading your poem 🙂 Thanks for sharing x


  7. You have no idea how much I needed to read this post right now – specifically the poem, to send to a loved one who is struggling. Your poem is beautiful and made me teary.

    Miriam | A Hygge Escape


  8. This is such a great piece, and I can totally relate to how it fits in with depression. But for me, the opening section reminded me of intrusive thoughts and the strategy I use to deal with them. It’s also one I recommend the most. It was like you read my mind. I look forward to your next piece


  9. Such beautiful and important words! It can be hard to live with anxiety and depression; a daily struggle for me. It’s nice to know there are others who are there for me.


  10. I’m the type of person that keeps everything held up until it festers and starts to eat at my my mind. It’s like a poison. I hate it because I can see myself almost from the outside getting increasingly dour and yet there’s almost nothing I can do to stop it. I wish I were better at doing what your poem suggests. I think it’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging. It lets me be more vulnerable.


    1. The fact you’re aware of this is what is so helpful; hopefully when it finally bubbles out of you there are people to turn too or who spot the signs that you’re beginning to hold on to things. My husband is much the same as you so it’s helped he explained this to me and I can spot the signs (most of the time). Blogging is a great outlet and your enjoyment for what you do comes through — finding something that does this for us is invaluable.

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  11. A great poem Molly, speaks to many. It not only offers encouragement but HOPE too which is what we really need in tough times. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Thank you so much for sharing this poem! I can’t even put into words how beautiful your writing it. A great reminder that through it all, we will survive. Sometimes my depression and anxiety overtake everything and I just want it to stop, but when I’m through the darkness, it feels like I’ve stepped into a whole new world of colour and beauty.


  13. Listen when you need it most. Love this poem and the introduction to it. Such an elegant way to address a powerful topic. It touched something inside that needed to hear this. Thank you


  14. Thank you for this beautiful, heartful poem, Molly. It’s so important to shift through the emotions, not give in to the quiet whispers of your negative thoughts and remember that there is light and hope for us still.


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