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Connection (A Poem): Cultivating the Love You Deserve

Whether it comes from those around us or it’s something that emanates from within and shows ourselves compassion and care; love endures as a way to establish strong connections. It can be a source of happiness and joy but also a way to tap into our purpose, communicate belonging and also bring about a sense of security.

There are many layers to expressing, receiving and feeling love; acknowledging our own needs, values and boundaries reinforces what nurtures us while also communicating to others how we wish to be loved. By gaining a strong sense of what fulfills us; we’re better equipped to identify and attract healthy relationships and develop personal (self-love) behaviours that align with what supports our ability to thrive.

Self-awareness can help avoid settling for what lessens or excludes empathy, kindness, growth and understanding. We must recognize the love we deserve — the type that nourishes — and let it grow within each part of our whole being. 

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called, ’Connection’ that reads: Know yourself well enough so that you can weave love into every corner of your existence; cultivating a heart that recognizes exactly how it should be loved.

The way we rely on and spread love will no doubt broaden and evolve over time/experience. It’s meant to grow with us as we figure out what serves our physical, mental and emotional well-being. There’s no one-size-fits-all way of encountering or gifting love; it just needs to be genuine and authentic — we must give ourselves permission to communicate our needs.

We can (and should) connect love to the numerous things in life that bring enjoyment, meaning, appreciation and intimacy — no matter what they are. There’s no limit to seeking out and cultivating what energizes us; prioritizing or creating space for those things in our life will provide insight into what truly matters. Healthy relationships of all kinds — whether friendship; familial; romantic, or based in self-love — deserve to flourish. 

How do you give and receive love? How do you explore healthy relationships (with yourself and other people)?

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